Beauty news: Emma Lewisham Supernatural 72-Hour Hydration Crème in a league of its own

Local powerhouse Emma Lewisham is a still relatively new name in the beauty field, but her eponymous brand is already doing impressive things. In fact, BEYOND impressive things given her ability to crack the Australian market with aplomb during our Level 4 lockdown, and her constant innovation when it comes to creating clean, honest and efficacious skincare that is an unabashed joy to use. The brand is going global with good reason, with one product in particular now scientifically proven to outshine its peers.In August of last year the brand launched the Supernatural 72-Hour Hydration Crème and the Supernatural Triple Retinol A+ Face Oil, both of which went immediately on my face and not long after, straight to my heart. If you know me well you’ll know how obsessed I am with facial oils, so it was no surprise that I immediately embraced the Triple Retinol A+ Face Oil from the get-go. Moisturisers have never been a product I’ve gotten super excited about, but the absolutely delicious Supernatural 72-Hour Hydration Crème was soon to change that.
An unabashedly luxe, 100 per cent natural pot of delight that deeply hydrates the skin’s epidermis for over 72 hours, it is a product I now can’t live without. Delivering the benefits of seven anti-ageing products in one Hydration Crème, it is definitely more than the yummy-feeling afterthought that so many hydrating night moisturisers turn out to be. This one actually works for its position in your skincare arsenal thanks to 30 high-performing botanical ingredients, including the innovative green-tech hydration compound, pentavitin and what has been called the most potent, naturally occurring, stable form of vitamin C in the world, Kakadu plum extract. Emma waved lyrical about pentavitin when we met up last year with good reason. Due to its small molecular size, it profoundly penetrates the skin’s epidermis to increase skin hydration tenfold for a plump, dewy, luminous glow that lasts and lasts. Kakadu extract has been around for a while in several Australian natural skincare formulas but never in a product so lush to use, and at such efficacious levels.

And now the time, money and care that went into creating such a winner has been beyond justified, with a new independent scientific study placing the formula so ahead of the pack that it really is in a league of its own. A new independent in vitro test conducted by a biomedical research laboratory, Trinity Bioactives, has proven that Emma Lewisham’s Supernatural 72-Hour Hydration Crème is up to 21 times more effective at stimulating Type I collagen production synthesis in the skin’s cells when compared to leading global, luxury cosmetic products: Augustinus Bader ‘The Rich Crème’, La Mer ‘Crème de la mer’ and Estée Lauder ‘Advanced Night Repair’.
Dr Paul F Davis, PhD experienced biomedical researcher Director of Research Trinity Bioactives, says “Unlike most cosmetic products, the bioactivity in Emma Lewisham’s products have been independently scientifically tested and shown to stimulate - meaning that the products have been proven to do as they say.”
Founder Emma says of the results: “We’re relentless in our pursuit to prove that natural ingredients are just as efficacious as synthetic alternatives, and when formulated correctly, they are more effective – as we’ve proven here with our Supernatural 72-Hour Hydration Crème. We’re ecstatic with the independent testing results as it validates our scientific brand mission.”
Emma Lewisham believes in creating formulas with a plethora of powerful, synergistic, natural actives, using the latest green-tech innovations at high concentrations – with fewer fillers. These results prove just how high performance they really are, and I am so here for that!
The Supernatural 72-Hour Hydration Crème is best used at night at the end of your night time routine and is safe for all people to use at every stage of their life. The Supernatural 72-Hour Crème is also refillable and recyclable through the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle .
Supernatural 72-Hour Hydration Crème has an RRP of $141 and is available now.


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