Beauty review: IMBIBE Living’s new skincare offering

I have been a huge fan of Byron Bay-based beauty brand IMBIBE Living for a while now, after the always-inspirational Fleur Insley from Clean Beauty Collective introduced me to the brand. Their Beauty Renewal is always on my list of most recommended beauty supplements, and their Miracle Collagen not far off. When I heard the brand had released their first, carefully considered skincare offering to complement its internals, I couldn’t wait to give it a whirl.
Getting your gut and organs functioning correctly is the first step to great skin, and IMBIBE created their skincare and ingestible beauty range were created to work synergistically to tackle the likes of acne, gut health, collagen loss and a lack of hydration, from the inside-out. Like their earlier offerings, the IMBIBE Skin Care System has had years of thought put into it, and they most definitely got it right. The system has five steps, each playing a key role in the end result.

IMBIBE Living founder, Felicity Evans

The first step is a light, daily exfoliation via the Pearl Polish Konjac Sponge. Made from sustainable, all-natural plant-based konjac root, the soft fibres of the sponge are woven with mineral rich, micro ground pearl powder to purify skin cells, gently brighten and to refine the skin’s surface. It feels super gentle on the skin, but I chose not to focus on my more rosacea-prone areas in case things go a little inflamed. It definitely goes a step farther than my usual muslin cloth when it comes to light exfoliation, so I swapped the two out according to how my skin was feeling on the day.
Step two is the beautiful Lime Pearl Lift, which looks like a mist but is actually a resurfacing tonic, targeted to remove surface skin cells, stimulate collagen synthesis, banish acne causing bacteria, and hydrate and repair the skin's natural barrier. Misted over skin from temples to décolletage, it smells delicious and aims to deliver multi-functional and refreshing exfoliation, hydration and protection via key ingredients like all-natural AHAs, Willow Bark extract and Honeysuckle flower. The rare Australian super-berry, Lime Pearl Caviar is included in the formula due to the fact that it is rich in both Glycolic and Lactic Acids, and is paired with a blend of five powerful botanical extracts including Bilberry, Orange and Lemon to travel deep into skin’s layers, creating cell strength and regeneration from within. Lactic Acid Radish Root probiotics aid in brightening and moisturising results without disrupting the natural microbial environment or stripping the skin, which was a godsend for my reactive skin.
Step three is Collagen Restore, a lightweight that is more like a heavyweight when it comes to results. Intensely repairing and deeply hydrating, it is a super light almost gel-serum, formulated to rehabilitate collagen stores deep within each layer of your skin to replenish skin-bounce and to reverse the signs of early ageing. Key to its efficacy is the brand’s Marine DermaFill Technology, which uses pure, sustainably harvested Australian Golden kelp to saturate cells with a rich concentration of sea minerals, clinically shown to stimulate collagen synthesis and restoration. It doesn’t feel like any active I’ve ever used due to its easy application and zero sensitisation, once again making it great for problem skin.
Collagen Protect is step four, and I fell in love with this beauty from first application. Made up of a blend of 17 active, nutrient rich, plant oils, it delivers focused vitamins and essential fatty acids as well as Golden Kelp to actively reduce inflammation and protect after UVA/UVB exposure. I am obsessed by its signature scent, which from organic Italian Coffee Seed Oil and precious plant petals. This blend not only smells incredible, but also works to bring oxygen-rich blood flow to surface cells to reduce signs of inflammation, redness and the appearance of fine lines.
Last up is step five, which involves a tool called Sculpt that I though looked great but really didn’t expect to fall so hard for! A 24-carat gold-plated, vibrating tool that you glide over your neck, cheeks, temples and forehead, it helps all that came before it sink well into the skin, as well as delivering a next-level glow. In essence, it re-defines the ancient use of lymphatic facial massage by gliding over skin to gently stimulate muscle contractions, helping to define the contours of your face, reduce the appearance of fine lines and leaving skin with lift and bounce - naturally.
One thing I will say is the system takes a little time to disappear into the skin, making makeup application straight after a little tricky if you're using it morning and night. I recommend taking care of your face and then taking time to have a tea or coffee before adding any kind of base, for a seamless transition.

For more about IMBIBE’s highly recommended new offering, head to Clean Beauty Collective now.


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