Fragrance FRiday: Yves Saint Laurent Beauty LIBRE EAU DE PARFUM INTENSE

When Yves Saint Laurent Beauty released the beautiful scent known as LIBRE last year, it was immediately in a class of its own.
The dual creators of LIBRE made the original, provocative move to take a classic masculine fragrance style, known as the fougère, and morph it sensually into a feminine perfume – just like Yves Saint Laurent re-tailored the tuxedo for women and created a modern fashion icon.
Now the brand has released LIBRE EAU DE PARFUM INTENSE, a more sensual take on the original modern and feminine fougère that I am very much here for!

With LIBRE EAU DE PARFUM INTENSE, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty’s iconic scent takes on more depth and mystery, its higher concentration reflected by its rich, tawny colour.
Master Perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaïm were instructed to follow their instincts and take their bold composition even further, intensifying LIBRE’s tension between cool masculinity and smouldering femininity.
Customised by Flipo to highlight its flamboyance, Diva Lavender heart from Provence is included in the scent to bring out its warmest facets, while Lush Orange Blossom absolute from Morocco, fashioned by Carlos Benaïm, reveals the hidden, burning-hot character of the suave white flower.
The end result is an unabashedly sexy, long-lasting, unique twist on the floral scent housed in a suitable statement-making bottle. Drawing inspiration from the couture runways, the bottle now comes with a masculine camel shade, thanks to the potency of the new juice.

Described by the perfumers as “floral, creamy, vanillic and spicy with a slight smokiness”, LIBRE INTENSE is one of those fragrances you immediately fall in love with if like me, you love a sultry, unisex scent.
Intense by name and definitely intense by nature: a little goes a long way with this fragrance. The lavender definitely hits you from the get go, then it settled down on me for a sweet, spicy scent that lasts and lasts. This baby comes highly recommended, especially as the countdown to Christmas makes its presence felt.
YSL LIBRE EAU DE PARFUM INTENSE is available now from selected Farmers, department stores, pharmacies and Suggested retail - $135 (30ml), $199 (50ml) and $285 (90ml).


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