Beauty review: the all-new Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte collection

I have worn matte lipstick for as long as I can remember; even when it was devastatingly uncool for the average beauty nerd I was still all over it like a rash. I just like the way it feels and love the way it looks, and in 2020 matte comes in so many forms that you’d be hard picked to find one that didn’t suit you.
The latest formula I’ve fallen in love with is the newest addition to the Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge collection, which offers an insane amount of textures and shades depending on your preference. They have certainly nailed the matte category in the past with Drama Matte back in 2018, but the arrival of L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte takes things to a whole new level.

These newbies have the most amazing second skin-type feel on the lips, and deliver a soft almost powdery look that is so super-flattering on that you never want to take them off. Lancôme knows that in 2020, women refuse to compromise with a matte that looks overdone or feels dry or uncomfortable. Having revolutionised matte with L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte, L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte offers a more undone look, like a blurry-soft veil of colour.

The new formula has 50 per cent less pigment than Drama Matte, instead containing spherical fillers that mattify. If heavily-pigmented is your thing these can still deliver with a few swipes, but its their barely-there, soft look that sets them apart. Three silky oils give the formula its unforgettable lightness and almost bare lip sensation; and result in effortless blending. 
Its three, now-not-so-secret ingredients are Pro-Xylane to make lips more soft and supple after seven days, Rose Extract for maximum comfort, and Hyaluronic acid to bring a true skincare approach to lips. The end result really is a dream feel and zero dryness, even after hours of wear.

Available in 16 complexion-enhancing shades, the new formula comes in a luxe golden case, emblazoned with the iconic Lancôme rose. The bullets feel as good as the formula does on your lips, and reinforces the iconic brand’s ability to bring a little luxury to the table, every day.
L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte is on counter now with an RRP of $64.00. Highly recommended, I swear one shade is not enough x


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