Beauty news: SULWHASOO launches into Sephora, New Zealand

The term K-Beauty is now a comfortable part of beauty lexicon, but until now one of the trend’s most obsessed-about brands - Sulwhasoo – has not been available in New Zealand. Sure it’s been bought by the bagful and carried home from countries lucky enough to access its prestige offering, but nowhere near enough to keep most of us happy.
Well that’s all changed now, as Sulwhasoo​, Korea’s leading luxury beauty brand, has officially launched into New Zealand at Sephora’s flagship store in Queen Street, Auckland as well as online.
Based on what the brand likes to refer to as “​timeless wisdom and ageless beauty”​, ​Sulwhasoo​ blends cutting edge technology with time-tested holistic skin wellness drawn from combining ancient precious ingredients with modern delivery systems to create something really rather special.
And although you can now find many of their ingredients in plenty of other K-Beauty lines, they are at quite a different level of efficacy and potency. When the brand was first being developed, the research team decided that for the extraction process, they would apply the same methods that are used to prepare herbs for medicinal use. This involved slow boiling the ingredients in purified water for hours, taking samples at intervals to determine the optimal preparation time. Eventually, the team concluded that 18 hours was that optimal time, and they also worked on fermentation to further bring out the beneficial compounds of the ingredients.
In terms of product lines, Sulwhasoo​ looks deeply into the changes women experience every seven years of life, seeking complete skincare solutions to help reveal a natural and healthy beauty throughout their lifetimes, and fusing them with the power of modern skin science to create exceptional anti-ageing skincare products that promote harmony and balance of the skin.
“We are beyond thrilled to finally be bringing Sulwhasoo​ to N​ew Zealand,” says Caroline Dunlop, President of Amorepacific Australia & New Zealand, Sulwhasoo’s parent company. “There has been significant demand for this highly regarded bran​d globally​, as the consumer becomes more aware of the efficacy of its precious ingredients and a desire to use expertly crafted skincare with centuries-old medicinal properties.”
Sulwhasoo’s​ highly coveted, best-selling product is ​Sulwhasoo ​First Care Activating Serum, which currently sells at the rate of one every 10 seconds in Korea. ​An icon for over 20 years, it is a quintessential first-step in any skincare routine, designed to activate and boost the radiance of your skin whilst increasing absorption, usage and the results of subsequent skincare products. You apply it immediately after cleansing and before anything else, with fans waxing lyrical about the way that the iconic booster helps skin absorb subsequent layers that much better.

Sulwhasoo​ was the first beauty brand to transform the legendary Korean Ginseng into a skincare application, and along with First Care, Essential, Concentrated Ginseng is a large part of the Sephora offering along with the Bloomstay, Cleansing and Mask ranges.
To play with some Sulwhasoo yourself, head to Sephora’s New Zealand Flagship, Queen St Auckland, as well as online at


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