Love it Kiehl’s Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask

Sheet masks are no long just the domain of Korean beauty fanatics, with some major names offering their own stellar versions for us all to get our hands on, upcoming trip to Seoul or not.
The clever Kiehl’s chemists have been working on their own for the brand, which has just touched down on counter and is AMAZING. 
Called Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask, it is a delicate little wonder infused with an exotic blend of three plant-derived cold-pressed oils from the Brazilian Amazon. It offers immediate, dewy hydration and softer feeling, smoother looking skin over time, and due to customer demand
for a sheet mask that fits all face shapes, it comes as a handy two-piece design that comfortably adheres to any face shape. It also features unique hydrogel-biocellulose technology, which means no drips and no mess, plus quick absorption and instant, dewy hydration. “The most common sheet masks in the market are either paper or cotton, which are known to have low adherence and absorption, and messy application,” says Dr. Geoff Genesky, Scientific Director. “Unlike traditional sheet masks, our formula is infused directly into the hybrid hydrogel-biocellulose material” 
But back to the ingredients, which come straight from the Brazilian Amazon and were selected in part due to the area’s unique conditions. Because of the incessant rain that beats down on the Amazon rainforest, soils are generally poor in nutrients. In such harsh environments, plants cannot afford the additional threat of being devoured by voracious insects. To defend themselves, plants have evolved an amazing range of strategies and tools. These include production of resins such as Copaiba Resin Oil, which plants produce in response to injury to protect themselves from invading insects and pathogens. Some plants produce unique oily components, such as Pracaxi and Andiroba Oils, which can also help protect them in harsh conditions. 
Kiehl’s identified and formulated with the all of the above, which all bring their own unique capabilities to the skin-loving formula. I particularly love the idea of Andiroba Oil, which instantly replenishes skin and helps to reinforce its protective barrier over time. 
Makeup artist Rachel Goodwin reportedly used this specific mask to prep Emma Stone's skin for the 2018 Oscars, which was more than enough of a reason for me to give it a whirl. You apply the mask to clean skin after toner (if you use one), taking care to unfold the mask remove the clear backing. If you have long nails really do take care here as the Instant Renewal Concentrate Sheet Mask isn’t as robust as cotton and foil versions due to its special make up. Gently apply the top layer by smoothing from the centre of your face outward, then apply bottom layer and repeat. You can leave this beauty on for 10 minutes and after removal, massage any remaining formula into skin until it is absorbed. I’ve been using just once a week – usually on a Sunday night – and the feeling of my skin the next day has been just delicious. The perfect way to kick of a new week in my humble opinion, so if this sounds like a bit of you then I recommend you grab a pack now!
Kiehl's Instant Renewal Concentrate Sheet Mask is on counter now, RRP $60.00 for a pack of four.


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