All about: Shiseido SYNCHRO SKIN Tinted Gel Cream

Describing itself as “less like makeup” and more like “skin itself,”, Shiseido’s new  SYNCHRO SKIN Tinted Gel Cream became my weekend cover go-to from pretty much the first time I popped the lid and smoothed that baby on.
An absolute joy to apply – and to wear! – it’s revolutionary tinted gel-meets-cream formula that really does deliver a fresh, healthy complexion. A skincare-inspired formulation, it is rich in natural spring water from the Kirishima mountains, an ingredient reportedly used in day spas across Japan for its mineral-rich properties such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium. The water is then blended with black tea and wild thyme extracts for their antioxidant benefits, while hyaluronic acid and glycerin enhance the formula’s moisturising and plumping powers. How great is that?
Created without oil, fragrance or parabens, it is a perfect match for sensitised skin like mine, and it also comes with an all-important SPF30 for use at any time of year. Even on some of late summer’s hottest and most humid days it has feel pretty much weightless on my skin, and the colour and finish stay true for around eight hours.
Shiseido SYNCHRO SKIN Tinted Gel Cream comes in five shades from Very Light to Dark, but it has celevr colour adjusting pigments that make it suitable for so much more than just five single skin shades.
It is designed to be applied evenly to the face, neck and collarbone for an overall dewy glow, or to specified areas of the face such as eyes to add more definition and clarity. I have been using a beauty blender to really work mine into the skin, but fingers are also an option as the formulation is so deliciously light.
On counter now with an RRP of $70.00, this beauty is what good skin days are made of.


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