Love it: the Remington PROluxe Salon Dryer

If you’ve ever dreamt of being able to achieve a salon-worthy style at home that ACTUALLY lasts, you’re certainly not alone. And if I told you that Remington has released a product that will help you do exactly that you’d be pretty excited, right? Well they have, and although it’s not cheap, it is worth every cent.
A salon professional hair dryer available to the general hair-loving public that combines the power of drying and styling to give effortless styling control with ultimate volume and shine to all hair types, the Remington PROluxe Salon Dryer is an absolute godsend. What sets this beauty apart is the addition of the brand’s intelligent PROheat technology, which ensures the optimum level of heat is delivered to locks where it’s needed most to achieve long-lasting styles “that rival salon styling”.
The PROheat technology works by using PROheat Digital Sensors to ensure the heat is evenly maintained at all times when using the brand’s PROluxe Salon Straightener, and the Dryer also features the same intelligent technology. In the Dryer’s case it works through the use of the unique-shaped Styling Concentrator, which enhances air flow and distributes heat for better styling performance. The handy style shot function allows you to boost the optimum level of heat delivered and apply it where its needed most, whilst Ionic conditioning technology releases 90 per cent more ions for less frizz and more shine.
I have hair that can be a nightmare to dry due to its thickness and ability to hold onto water, and this baby has it dry in well under fifteen minutes - ten even, if I use a microfibre towel first. It also eliminates much of my hair’s natural frizz, and is so light to use that I don’t mind spending a little extra time if need be on my style. Amazing? You bet, and with extra time in the morning I can confidently call this release a “life changer”.
The Remington PROLUXE Salon Dryer AC9140AU ($249.99) is exclusive to Harvey Norman in New Zealand, and further stockist information phone 0800 736 776. Both the PROluxe Salon Dryer and Straightener come with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty too, so once again they might be on the spendy side, but well worth the slurge.


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