All about: Dior Capture Totale Dreamskin Advanced

With Czech-born, global citizen Eva Herzigova as its ambassadress, Dior’s fresh new release Capture Totale Dreamskin Advanced is already off to a flying start. Add to that an innovative, high performance formula that takes the original Capture Totale Dreamskin to heady new heights, and you have the perfect mix of luxury, science and beauty.
The Dior aim when creating Capture Totale Dreamskin Advanced was to help women achieve flawless, beautiful skin, but coupled with a return to authenticity. In 2017, from Paris to Seoul via Los Angeles, women want to be naturally flawless – a better version of themselves. Just as they approach a strong body from within by adhering to a regime that combines yoga, meditation and organic food, modern women want healthy, vibrant skin. A luminous face that also looks completely natural.
Herzigova’s own anti-ageing philosophy is that “we should all discover who we are at every step of our life and enjoy that person”, and the new Capture Totale Dreamskin Advanced collection fits with that brief by being suitable for women from 40 onwards of all races. What these women have in common is the aforementioned desire to look their best at any age, coupled with an often-hectic agenda that offers no respite. They are looking for hybrid, portable skincare that intelligently adapts to their skin, desires and lifestyle, because they are all unique. Their ideal routine? An instant transformation and maximum effectiveness… in a minimum of time.
Dreamskin Advanced Formula is the advanced version of Dior's original DreamSkin product, made for more corrective qualities and comfort. The upgraded version of the cult beauty buy kicks proceedings off with a more comfortable texture, going on to provide more blur and more brightness while keeping the "global age-defying treatment and a perfect skin creator" tag. Leaving the skin smooth, matte and luminous, it uses new generation mica coupled with Dior Science’s own unique ingredient, 3D Cell Shade - multi-faceted, grainy molecules – for the ultimate in soft focus without the filters.
Next up is the Dreamskin Advanced 1-Minute Mask, which Herzigova calls her “biggest beauty secret” now available to all. Called “the instant perfector” by Dior, the mask uses the best chemical exfoliants - salicylic acid (BHA), glycolic and citric acids (AHA), flower acids –carefully selected for their efficacy, which have then been optimally concentrated to transform skin in just a single minute. The complexion is immediately brightened, with imperfections diminished. Skin looks completely rejuvenated, in record time. 
Invisible to the naked eye, encapsulated pearls in the highly sensorial formula release their illuminating powers upon application: when the skin is massaged, in addition to the mechanical invigorating effect, the capsules release luminous pigments which then boost the skin’s tone and enhance radiance. The skin’s tone is immediately glowing and fresh, making it the perfect skincare offering in your arsenal to apply before a night out.
But the last word must go to Herzigova, who says: “the Dior brand represents the highest quality in making of cosmetics and fashion. The love and care behind all research and choice of ingredients are the highest of quality. This really does fulfil every woman's dream”.


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