Love it: Lancôme's new Matte Juicy Shaker

Lancôme created the iconic "glossy without attracting every hair to your face" Juicy Tube lipgloss back in the nineties, a product that every woman I know over the age of about 30 has many a fond memory of. I myself had something like eight different shades in my arsenal at one point, and I was never without at least two on my person!
The brand struck the ultimate old school chord when it introduced Juicy Shakers to its lineup last year, another huge hit with all who tried them. We couldn’t help but fall in love with the cocktail shaker shape of the packaging and its super clever shake -to-blend oil formula, and the shade range was on point. Lancôme rarely puts a foot wrong, and everything about Juicy Shakers was just SO right.
Now they are introducing the Matte Shaker, which hits stores and the Lancôme website in May. The cocktail shaker shape may be familiar, but this baby is a whole new type of lip formula in and of itself. This iteration takes super moisturising ingredient Vitamin E and blends it with liquid pigments 10 times thinner than your average lipstick to create a truly amazing, featherlight formula that the brand describes as having a "tattoo feel texture”. I don’t know about that myself, but I do know that it is fast drying, has an incredible wear time and is a heck of a lot of fun to use!
The new shaker will come in seven shades, including the super sexy true red shade Kiss Me Cherie (374), which I have been playing with for the past few weeks. The matte look is soft and never chalky, making it a super flattering option even for those with drier skin types that fear matte can weigh their makeup look down. Next on my wish list us the nude rose, Beige Vintage (270), which looks like the perfect neutral. 
So in conclusion… Lancôme's Matte Shaker is definitely not sheer and not exactly that juicy – it’s just a killer formula that is destined to go down in beauty history as a true icon of the matte era. All you have to do is shake and swipe, it doesn't get much easier than that! Well you can get a little creative with it like Ms. Taylor Hill above, but that's another story...
Lancôme's Matte Juicy Shakers are in store May 22, RRP NZD $45.00. And yes, you’ll want them all!


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