Hair how to: Erdem SS17 at LFW, created by ghd

Last week at London Fashion Week Erdem took to the runway, and the exquisitely whimsical label did not disappoint. Vogue’s Suzy Menkes said the show “seemed to capture elements from the past that are relevant to today. The clothes did not look antique or vintage; rather, they were saucy and seductive. While using accoutrements from the past - no shorts or stretch trousers here - the collection was modern.”
Designer Erdem Moralioglu trained at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London and is known for his use of experimental textiles, vibrant prints, and detailed craftsmanship. He has created a beautiful world of the delicate mixed with the bold, and his latest collection – reportedly inspired by a 17th-century dress found in a shipwreck and the free-spirited 1920s – was absolutely alluring, the stuff that dreams are made of.
Iconic hair styling brand ghd partnered with designer Erdem and session stylist Anthony Turner to create a hair look to complement the S/S 2017 collection, and it was as beautiful as the clothes themselves. “The Erdem girl is always on a journey and this season she’s from the 16th century and has been at sea,” said Anthony Turner, “so she’s sporting wispy, shipwrecked braids”.
Anthony first applied a salt spray to the hair to create a matte texture before blow-drying hair using the ghd air hairdryer and fingers.
A beachy wave was then created by wrapping sections of hair around the ghd curve classic curl tong, before pulling hair into two pigtails at the base of the neck. Both pigtails were braided and loosely deconstructed before being crossed over and secured flat around the nape of the neck.
A simple piece of matte black ribbon was tied around the hair to form a bow at the side to finish the look.
“The hair has a soft, romantic feel; it is not too considered or elaborate,” said Turner of the finished look, which he added would “translate well into wedding hair”.
To get the look yourself, try these few simple steps:
1. Prep with a salt spray before blow-drying hair downwards using a ghd air  hairdyer and fingers.
2. Loosely curl hair in different directions with the ghd curve™ classic curl tong.
3. Use the  ghd tail comb to create a middle parting, then secure hair into two separate ponytails at the nape of the neck. Tie with elastic.
4. Braid each ponytail and then loosely dishevel with hands to give the braids a deconstructed texture.
5. Cross the braids over and pin flat against the nape of the neck. They must stay flat to the head and not create a bulky silhouette.
6. Gently pull out sections around the hairline before wrapping a matte black ribbon around the hair and underneath the braids, securing in a bow at the side of the head.
Just beautiful, yeah? 


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