Beauty news: the Trilogy Body Range just got even better

I don’t need any excuse to give props to New Zealand natural skincare company Trilogy, who were one of the first off the block and are still creating beautiful new products today. They are also consistently affordable too, giving those with smaller budgets the chance to get super charged formulas as easily as the next woman.
Their latest releases are some of my favourites yet, and are set to be on high rotate over the coming months due to the layers being shed as the temperature rises. They come as part of the recently re-launched Trilogy Body range, which has meant a sleek new look for their existing body prods along with the introduction of a couple of killer newbies.
NATRUE certified natural products, Trilogy Pure Plant Body Oil and Trilogy Exfoliating Body Balm are an absolute joy to use, and by god I have given them a thrashing since they first came across my desk a few weeks’ ago.
At just $29.99 for an 110ml bottle of goodness, the new Pure Plant Body Oil is one of the most luxurious body oils I have ever used – and I am a BIG user of body oils. Designed for every day, all-over use, it is an unscented, silky as oil that glides on to hydrate, nourish and improve skin health. With Trilogy’s signature rosehip oil to repair and hydrate, sweet almond oil to stabilise the natural pH of the skin and apricot oil to soothe inflammation, it is a simple formula but one that works. A great natural alternative to the more common petrochemical-based body oils, Trilogy Pure Plant Body Oil is ideal for use throughout pregnancy and on scars, and the fact that it is fragrance-free makes it both perfect for those with sensitive skin and a great option for regular perfume wearers as won’t mess with any fragrance you apply before leaving home on top. I have found that it absorbs super quickly on my post-surgery, super dry skin, and I think it will be brilliant for using after days at the beach over the summer months too.
The second new release is Trilogy Exfoliating Body Balm, which is a NATRUE certified natural body polisher that leaves skin silky- smooth, hydrated and glowing. Buttery-textured and perfect for use in the bath or shower (although be careful as it can make the surface of a bath a little slippery), it uses finely ground rosehip seed powder as a natural exfoliant. A rich blend of rosehip oil, sweet almond oil and beeswax are also in there to nourish, soften and protect skin, while the seed powder gently buffs and refines skin texture without compromising the skin’s natural barrier function.
Another brilliant example of an innovative, biodegradable, ocean-safe alternative to plastic microbeads, the powder is ground from the solids which remain after the seed oil extraction process, making good use of a by-product and thereby reducing waste. Perfect! It is also delightfully un-messy to use, unlike some body scrubs etc which go everywhere no matter how carefully you use them.
I’ve been using this combo twice a week  and have to say that my skin is really starting to turn up the glow – bring on bare leg season I say! 


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