Beauty news: Narciso Rodriguez releases NARCISO eau de parfum Poudrée

“With the original NARCISO fragrance, I wanted to create an extremely sexy fragrance. NARCISO eau de parfum Poudrée captures femininity at its core in an even more seductive way. It is both tender and powerful and immediately addictive.”
Narciso Rodriguez

The name Narciso Rodriguez has become almost as synonymous with great fragrance as it is with great design, and the designer has just launched NARCISO eau de parfum Poudrée, a new flanker to 2014's Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez.
“NARCISO eau de parfum Poudrée is sensuality and supreme femininity,” says the designer, “It is never overpowering, but impossible to forget.” The creators describe it “enveloping the body with a weightless intensity that’s both fragile and distinctive”, and the soft powdery musc scent really is quite something special. It is light enough on to be worn year round, but also so unique that you know you are wearing something pretty darn special. The mix also includes a velvety smooth floral blend of white jasmine petals and Bulgarian rose with signature woody notes of vetiver and black and white cedars, meaning it is warm but not too warm for a summer’s day – believe me, I’ve tried it!
It comes in a beautiful glass cube that is definitely not about to be hidden in a bathroom cabinet, with the designer describing its hue as “a unique shade of blush, a blush that captures femininity and beauty. The colour alludes to the sensuality of skin and the body.” Rodriguez adds, “from day one, skin tones and shades of nude have been important in all of our collections; a woman’s glow is as much a part of her sensuality as her body. NARCISO eau de parfum Poudrée is transformative like no other scent.”
Add to that the exquisite image of Raquel Zimmermann for the fragrance’s campaign (above) and you have one seriously heady – and beautiful – mix.
NARCISO eau de parfum Poudrée is available at selected retail outlets licensed by Narciso Rodriguez perfumes from late April 2016. 


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