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I think of myself as somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to yin yoga – I have seriously tried what is perhaps every class of its type in Auckland, with varying degrees of success.
So when I make the call that I may have found the city’s best yin class, I am not messing around. Where did I find it? At a brand new Auckland yoga destination that is committed to “shaking up the yoga scene” with its quality hot yoga experience, masterful teachers and retreat-like setting.
It’s called Studio Red, and it is located in Auckland’s City Works Depot, making it super central and an absolute bonus for the plethora of people who are now working in that area. It opened its doors at the end of last year but I have only recently been wooed by its charms, in particular the aforementioned yin offering hosted by the amazing Erica Davis.  Her super soothing, mellifluous tones coupled with one of the best uses of music in a yoga class make it top notch, not to mention the completely gorgeous surroundings.
Those surrounding are the work of award-winning “it” architects Cheshire Architects, who have created a light, airy and totally contemporary space featuring elegant fittings and little luxuries that make it hard to leave. Coupled with its sophisticated temperature and ventilation control system, which filters fresh ventilated oxygen continually throughout the room, Studio Red is far from your average yoga destination. And definitely far from most hot yoga studios, which can be a little challenging not on the bod but also on the senses – if you know what I mean!
“We want Studio Red to be more than just a place to practice yoga,” says owner Vicky Cullinane. “It’s designed to be a modern sanctuary that feels more day-spa than fitness studio - and a real experience in itself.” That it is, and with a team of hand-picked, kick arse teachers (see above) hosting a range of classes it can only succeed.
Teaching contemporary, yet authentic, yoga is at the very core of Studio Red’s mantra, and the variety of classes embody this vision, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Vinyasa flow to music. While yoga is celebrated worldwide for its compelling effects on physical wellbeing, the team at Studio Red are also inherently focused and passionate about the holistic benefits of yoga, and how practising can improve all aspects of life, including confidence, focus, and direction.
 “The benefits of yoga transpire well beyond what you see on the outside,” Vicky says. “It’s about wellness as a whole, and the positive effects are unlimited and different for everybody.”
“At Studio Red, we have worked hard to create a truly inclusive studio and welcome anyone and everyone looking for an amazing yoga experience to come and try it out. Yoga can truly benefit people from all walks of life, and we want to help them discover it,” says Vicky.
Check out the space and the class offering at - you won’t fail to be amazed!


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