All about: Hand Chemistry's incredible Retin-Oil

Just like my skincare, when it comes to bodycare products I look for a formula with at least a modicum of grunt or really, what’s the point? Nice smelling is all well and good, but I want a cream that works for the privilege of being lathered on my bod – and actually makes a difference.
Which is why I fell in love with the Hand Chemistry range when it arrived on New Zealand shores mid-way through last year. Sold by Boots in the UK since the end of 2013 — and within two weeks outselling every other hand and body product in the store – it is like advanced skincare for the neck down, and doesn’t scrimp on high performance ingredients.
After releasing two bestselling body-care products in Caci clinics all over the country, they are now releasing their most effective all-over body product yet -  Retin-Oil. Formulated with Retinoid Complex, the body boosting oil enables you to get a high dose of Retin A – a form of vitamin A that helps the skin renew itself - without need for prescription. Having just had surgery in December and with significant scarring, I could not wait to start applying this on a daily basis – and have done since a bottle arrived.
The 100 per cent active ingredient base along with 1 per cent Retinoid Complex offers the same results and treats skin texture, hydration and scars without the irritating effects of Vitamin A. The Retin-Oil cocktail is made up of nourishing ingredients such as Amazonian oils along with oil-derived Deep Sea Algae Extract complex to target and drastically improve the appearance of stretch marks and encourage skin renewal. And as well as being a rich mix it is amazingly dry on the skin, soaking in instantly and leaving no marks on your clothes. How great is that?
Targeting scars, stretch marks, ageing, dehydrated skin, surface irregularities and discolouration, this next generation product promises an overall improvement of the skin’s condition whilst restoring texture and significantly reducing fine lines and wrinkles in as little as just two weeks, so I am already counting down the days! I have been applying it daily as needed, and it is apparently best applied at night although I’m not certain why.
Anyway – love it.
Retin-Oil and other great prods from the Hand Chemistry range are available exclusively in New Zealand at Caci Clinics nationwide.


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