All about: the new, improved Kérastase Paris FUSIO-DOSE

I’m always a tad skeptical when trying in-salon treatments. Mainly because I don’t want to be addicted to using something that I can only use at a salon, and also because many of them make a change for a single wash and then go down the plughole with the next one. Not so Kérastase Paris FUSIO-DOSE, which launched back in 2011 as the world’s first bespoke hair treatment and was a game changer from the get go, to use a well worn cliché.
Fast forward to 2016 and the haircare mega brand has unleashed an even better version of its already kick arse original, with FUSIO DOSE formulas that are now 15 times stronger than before – amazing!  The personalised mix of hairstylist-blended super-concentrated active ingredients has been refined even further for better performance.
I was lucky enough to be invited to experience the FUSIO DOSE 2.0 at the always luxe Bettjeman’s, where the whole process started with my stylist Sabine giving my hair the thorough once over. The Kérastase stylist inspects the hair for the different types of damage then prescribes the right combination of concentré, the base treatment for primary concerns - and booster, for the hair’s secondary concerns. The booster dosage has been multiplied by 15 and each formula, with its star active ingredient, is presented in a new type of container to ensure maximum treatment efficacy.
The new mixing system means that the formula comes together using an intelligent system enabling delivery of the proper dose of booster into the concentrate.  The instant merging of the active ingredients, which disperses a coloured volute into the concentrate, is performed by the hairstylist right in front of your eyes like a cocktail mixologist.  Then it is applied to your hair and blissfully massaged in to guarantee ultimate, instant hair transformation. Twenty tailor-made mixtures are possible to ensure the perfect treatment for any hair type and the whole process from start to finish takes – by my timing – less than 20 minutes. As in step 1: You and your Kérastase consultant select a concentrate according to your primary hair need, then select a Booster according to your secondary hair need. Step 2: Both products are fused together. Step 3: The treatment is applied onto washed and towel dried hair, section by section and then rinsed. After the treatment I could instantly see a difference and it lasted long after my blow wave. My hair still feels a hell of a lot better than before I saw Sabine, and that is literally a good few weeks after. Highly recommend!
The new Kérastase Paris FUSIO-DOSE is available now at RRP $35 per treatment. To locate your nearest salon visit  - I recommend the amazing Bettjeman's here.


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