Wellness news: NZ’s Kirsty Godso launches her Nike Master Trainer workout to the world

I must say that I prefer to work out in the morning rather than in the afternoon, but it takes something pretty damn special to get me up before 7am – and on a Monday!
That special something happened yesterday, and took the form of a pretty damn amazing sunrise workout with recently minted Nike Master Trainer Kirsty Godso hundreds of feet above the CBD on the observation deck of Auckland’s Sky Tower. Breathtaking? You bet, and most definitely in more ways than one!
Auckland based Kirsty stepped into the global fitspo fast-lane when she announced as one of six Nike Master Trainers chosen to create a bespoke Nike+ Training Club workout called Zoom Fast, which was released globally yesterday on the NTC App.
A first for a Kiwi, Godso’s Zoom Fast workout is included in the new Nike "Find Your Fast" challenge - a 12-week program consisting of killer training workouts specifically designed to help athletes increase their speed and strength. Six Nike Master Trainers, including the pint sized pocket rocket Godso, will release new training sessions over the three-month period, each showcasing an area of expertise, including high intensity training, yoga or barre.
“Being a Nike Master Trainer is a dream come true. I’m addicted to fitness; it’s my therapy,” says Godso, and if you’ve ever seen her in action you’ll know she’s not kidding. “If I have a great day or if something really great happens, I celebrate with a workout. If I'm having a really bad day, I go to the gym and walk out feeling way better. It cures everything for me, and it is so rewarding to shift people’s perspectives on exercise.”
Godso’s explosive 30-minute workout unites everything that she loves about exercise: big, fun, fast-paced movements that tag-team muscles and lungs. The workout includes high-intensity bursts of tuck-jumps (god help me, seriously), burpees, elevated squats, push-ups and mountain climbers. It also incorporates Godso’s favorite Tabata session: four minutes switching between sumo-plyo box jumps and speedy toe taps.
According to Kirsty Godso, if you aren’t having fun while exercising you’re not doing it right and damn, does she always look like she’s having fun! Whether she is running a high-intensity Nike+ Training Club (NTC) class in New Zealand or travelling the world to share her passion for fitness with the international NTC community, Godso endorses a message centred on work-life balance, enjoyable workouts and building up the athlete in every woman.
The workout was specifically designed around Kirty’s own favourite shoe, the Nike Flyknit Zoom
Fit Agility shoe. The Nike Flyknit Zoom Agility brings together the Flyknit and Zoom Air technologies to create a training shoe that delivers  flexibility, strength and speed. The Flyknit upper acts like a second skin, allowing the foot to move as nature intended, and its snug fit is a bonus for those of us with skinny feet that struggle to find a shoe to match. I was given a pair for the workout and they are destined to go down as amongst my faves too, the feel is that good.
Anyway, to find out more about the challenge, visit nike.com or follow the Sport Feed in the NTC App.
Nike Flyknit Zoom Fit Agility is available in all Nike stores now, RRP $200.


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