All about: GO Healthy Mood Support

I don’t know about you, but I find the short days of winter pretty hard going at the best of times. Add the school holidays, a house move and an insane workload to that and you have a challenging time, so I’ve been trying to put systems in place to stop both my immunity and my sanity breaking down!
One of these is upping my supplement game, because no matter how many good intentions we all have it is very difficult to do all the right things all the time. Eating well but stressing out, working out but not sleeping soundly enough… the list is endless.
So as well as adding the likes of lipospheric Vitamin C to my arsenal I’ve been trialling a bottle of GO Healthy Mood Support VegeCaps, which are there to support your emotional wellbeing whilst the former takes care of my immunity.
An easy to take one-a-day supplement, these little babies can support a positive outlook and a relaxed state of mind, without the drowsiness that you often get with drugs aiming to do the same. GO Healthy Mood Support also helps to chill out over-stimulation caused by caffeine and stress, while supporting mental clarity and focus – this is a beneficial aid for anyone looking for a natural mood-balancing alternative, or even as an addition to anti-depressants as unlike many supplements, GO Healthy Mood Support can also be used by anyone taking prescription mood medication. This is because its primary ingredient - L-Theanine - supports healthy levels of the brain’s natural calming agents to promote a relaxing feeling of wellbeing. During times of extra stress or panic, such as flying, interviews, deadlines or public speaking, you can increase the dose to two-a-day, maximum.
The formula contains the aforementioned amino acid L-Theanine with good reason: as well as being known to support a balanced mood, normal mental focus, and help to reduce stress; L-Theanine supports both the healthy production of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, as well as healthy alpha wave activity in the brain, for mental clarity and a relaxed feeling of good mood and contentment.
Sound like what you need right now? Then I highly recommend you check them out – they have an RRP of $29.90 for 30 or $47.90 for 60. Stock up now and get planning for that tropical holiday!


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