Love it: Chantecaille Full Brow Perfecting Gel

I love the Chantecaille brand and I love a full brow, so it really comes as no surprise that I would fall heads over heels for their Full Brow Perfecting Gel from the get-go.
There are numerous products out there aiming to thicken and condition brows but don’t actually do much of either that well, but this is quite the opposite – giving sparse brows a kick in the butt immediately and in the long run.
The clear brow gel not only grooms and holds hairs in place, but also promises to promote brow growth while preventing hair loss. For someone with increasingly sparse brows, this sounds like a dream come true! This gel features a blend of panthenol and growth peptide that I really hope will get things growing again, and it feels amazing too with zero stickiness factor.
It sets, defines and holds brows in place throughout the day, and is apparently amazing when paired with the brand’s Waterproof Brow Definer for fuller, shinier brows. I love that the brush offers longer bristles on one side and tiny bristles on the other too, so you can really customize application. 
For those unfamiliar with the brand – which is available exclusively in New Zealand at Mecca Cosmetica – it is the creation of Sylvie Chantecaille and is still a family business. With more than 25 years of experience and known as one of the industry's foremost innovators, Sylvie has long been dedicated to making women's lives easier, healthier and more beautiful.
She moved to New York in the 1970's and started a small company of exclusive cosmetics with Diane von Furstenberg. Their successful Madison Avenue business caught the attention of the Estée Lauder. In 1979, Sylvie launched Prescriptives at Estée Lauder. With a new level of science in its groundbreaking formulas Prescriptives went on to become one of the best-selling cosmetics lines.
Fuelled by the desire to create a new company that combined her own spiritual and holistic philosophy as well as an interest in aromatherapy, Sylvie began her new venture in 1997. She launched Chantecaille equipped with a well-researched understanding of the needs and wants of modern women and invaluable contacts within the sourcing and manufacturing communities. It began as a small fragrance house with four highly original scents based on natural essential oils that presaged the next wave in cosmetics and laid the foundation for the company's unique approach to beauty.
Supported by the business acumen of her husband as well as the creative, strategic and artistic talents of her three children (that’s her daughter Oliva above, check out those brows!), Sylvie has transformed Chantecaille into a revolutionary skincare and cosmetics brand renowned internationally for its technologically advanced approach to naturally beautiful skin and I for one love it!
To find out more head online to the Mecca Cosmetica store.


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