Beauty news: Maison Lancôme announces Lisa Eldridge as Make-up Creative Director

In big news for the always-exciting beauty world, Maison Lancôme has announced the amazing Lisa Eldridge as its new Make-up Creative Director.
An incredibly talented and super approachable artist who uses her outstanding technical virtuosity to express her highly modern sensibility, Eldridge has rapidly become an essential name in make-up. She is regularly sought out by the world’s greatest photographers (think Sølve Sundsbø and Mert & Marcus) and luxury fashion brands, and her credit can be seen in a slew of the most prestigious mags.
After spending her early years in New Zealand, Lisa moved to England and soon became the first member of the closed circle of international make-up artists to become a popular figure, adulated by millions of women across the world who truly trust her opinion and insider knowledge. The reason? Inspired on New Year’s Day 2009, she began work on a genre-breaking blog that women lapped up. In the site’s inaugural video, the beauty appears barefaced, sharing her secrets to erase the reminders of a festive ‘night before’, with pragmatism, generosity and humour. She’s now an industry heavyweight whose makeup blog and tutorial videos have taken the world by storm and schooled millions of women around the globe on makeup application techniques.
Lisa’s talents have also landed her collaboration deals with brands like CHANEL, Chloé, Prada, Pucci and more, and now that she’s on board Team Lancôme, Lisa will be creating products and collections that embody her signature ‘effortless chic’ beauty style. She’ll also be creating more tutorials that’ll make your life easier, accentuate your best features and show you how to bring out your natural beauty in a few easy steps.
Whether natural or creative, her use of make-up is always designed to make women look and feel beautiful. She is not interested in outdated beauty precepts: she prefers common sense. Except perhaps three golden rules: choose between eyes OR lips, buy products that illuminate your face after trying them out in natural light and, first and foremost, a beautiful complexion is key. Love it.


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