All about: new Trilogy Blemish Control Gel

They are calling it the ‘emergency response unit’ in a tube and Trilogy’s brand new Blemish Control Gel is certainly promising some great things for those unfortunate ‘frenemies’ that sometimes come visit at the most inopportune of times and find it annoyingly hard to leave!
It’s a certified natural gel formulation that has been created to work as a powerful and concentrated treatment for ‘sebaceous follicle blockages’, AKA spots, pimples or zits. Ugh. They happen at any age and at any time, and can be the result of overproduction of sebum caused by hypersensitivity or hormonal imbalance or change, as well as a direct result of stress. All the good stuff!
Anyway, salicylic acid - an extract of willow bark - is included to help to clear congestion and debris, while the natural antibacterial properties of lemongrass and mandarin help control breakouts and aid healing. Add to that cucumber to cool and soothe, ginger to help reduce inflammation and certified organic rosehip oil to help repair skin, and this little baby is a “veritable cocktail of goodness to help deal with the badness”.
You apply the lightweight formula directly to blemishes 1-3 times daily, and it’s a bit of a beauty steal at just RRP $24.90 for a pretty serious cocktail.


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