What a steal: new look, all New Zealand Health Basics

The shower is where many of us start the day, and if you’re anything like me, the products that you lather yourself with in there are chosen with care.
Scent is hugely important – and a major boost when it’s still dark out and you’d much rather be horizontal – and if you can find a nice looking product that smells great and does the job then you’re pretty lucky. Add to that the fact that it is an absolute steal in the wallet area ($2.49!!!) and you’ve got Health Basics rather good looking new-look range.
Inspired by a variety of landscapes found around our beautiful country (and named after them), the Health Basics personal care range - including body wash, hand wash, and bar soap - is made up of new product formulations that include New Zealand-based ingredients such as manuka honey, kiwifruit, pohutukawa extract, harakeke, and avocado oil.
Also included in the overhaul is revamped, minimalist packaging, which was “designed for greater functionality, but also for its ability to integrate seamlessly into modern bathrooms”. One example is the hand wash, which features a simple white bottle with clean lines and an easily removable front label (see above), so you can opt instead for an understated debossed image if that’s your style.
The new range includes the likes of Opito Bay Summer, Wanaka Day Break, Akaroa Sun Shower, Rakino Island Escape and Kaimai Rainfall, so pick your favourite destination for the summer and each morning in the shower you’ll be that much closer to being there! Well, a girl can but dream…


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