I try: the truly magical, all new Cloud Nine Micro Wand

To say that I was excited about reviewing the new Cloud Nine Micro Wand would be putting it mildly. The minute the already-a-modern-beauty-legend brand released their original irons the hype was huge (and they lived up to it) so any news from them could only be good.
The catchphrase for the new Cloud Nine Micro Wand is “professional salons swear by it, and you will too”, which is no small claim. Does it live up to it? Hell yes, and much, much more.
Incredibly easy to use even for an idiot like me (there is a reason I have salon blow waves), it really is all you need for loose, bouncy and tight curls at the touch of a button. It has been designed to give you professional curls - whatever your hair type, whatever your style - incorporating all the technology and innovation you’d expect from the company that bought you those wonderful irons. This conical curling wand can create all sizes of curl from tight ringlets to loose beachy waves, I’ve gone absolurely mad having a play with it.
The surface of The Wand reportedly contains a type of Korean rock mineral that is unique to Cloud Nine, and imparts so much shine to your hair you won’t believe it has been touched by a hot tool. The fact that it has adjustable heat settings (there are low and high options) mean it won’t overcook fine hair either.
I have tried in the past to create curls/waves with irons and have always made a real hatchet job of it so pretty much gave up. The conical shape of this baby means you won’t end up with kinky or crooked curls though, and to create soft beachy waves you just take large sections of hair and wrap them further up. Too easy!
It’s also super safe to use, and even comes with a heat-resistant glove to protect your fingers. And as soon as you’re finished using your Cloud Nine Micro Wand, you can slip on the protective heat guard and allow it to cool down, knowing that you’ve left it safely resting.
Another important safety feature on the Micro Wand is the hibernation mode. This intelligent sleep technology automatically kicks in when The Micro Wand has been switched on, but not used, for 30 minutes. It will then cool down, and only reheat once you’ve switched it off and on again. Magic!
This little wonder retails for $250.00 in New Zealand, which I believe is well worth the money. The only downer about the one I have is that I have to give it back – I’m going to be saving my pennies starting now!
** For stockists call Boutique Brands on 0800 25 25 30 **


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