In love with: Ecoya’s trio of Christmas City candles

There is nothing like the scent of a freshly chopped Christmas tree to get you in the mood for a carol or two, but along with that comes dropped needles, hay fever and the inevitable question of where to dump the damn thing once it is past its prime.
The solution – and an incredibly delicious solution at that – is picking up one (or two, or three) of Ecoya’s new Three City Limited Edition Christmas candles, which are up there amongst the best I’ve had the pleasure of sniffing.
Named and inspired by three iconic cities around the globe, they are:
* The Festive Season in Sydney: exotic notes of White Ischia blended with Australian Pine to capture the essence of Sydney during the sun-soaked holiday season.
* The Festive Season in New York: a heady blend of fresh pine, cranberry and white birch.
* The Festive Season in London: a comforting fragrance befitting of cold London nights spent indoors, with citrus top notes leading to a heart of rosewood on a base of balsam, cedar and vanilla. 
My personal favourite is the antipodean variant, although the other two would fit quite nicely into my wardrobe of scented candles too, I’m sure.
No mess, no fuss and all luxury – that’s the way I want my Christmas to roll out this year!


  1. Just "tried" these candles out at Smith and Caugheys....they are all delightful


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