I try: a truly golden VuTan at Blink Boutique

A couple of weeks ago I popped into Parnell beauty spot Blink Boutique for a spray tan using VuTan, a brand I hadn’t tried before. I’m a huge fan of the faux glow and it’s a pre-holiday essential for me – it seems to miraculously make me appear an inch taller and five kilograms lighter, in my mind at least!
Blink Boutique have what must be the prettiest spray tan booth I have ever seen, and also the finest attention to detail when you are being sprayed (I was even buffed with a kabuki brush to blur the edges). This all served to definitely put my mind at ease when I was trying a new formula, but it turned out that VuTan was a winner anyway!
Available in two unique ranges and six varied colours, VuTan Original and Vu2Tan are both derived from quality organic ingredients such as Kakadu Plum Extract (one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin C), Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Creatine, a natural form of protein which has excellent skin rejuvenation and anti-aging properties. Throw a bunch of botanical herb extracts enhanced with the likes of Green Tea in as well, which are blended to nourish the skin whilst producing a natural looking, longer lasting tan.
The company is Australian made and owned, not tested on animals and is alcohol and paraben free with organic DHA, which is super important to me as a cancer survivor – the least nasties in there the better, and the more likely I am to come back for more!
They also offer a range of take home prods that I haven’t used but have heard good things about, including a Tan Extender, Spray on Tan in a Can, Shimmering Bronzer and Tanning Mousse, the latter of which is enriched with Kakadu Plum Extract, Creatine, Geranium Oil and Mango Extract and is suitable for all complexions. Great stuff!
By the end of my holiday (a week) my rich tan faded evenly and beautifully, requiring just a top up with a gradual tanner to drag it out even longer. If you’d like to try one yourself – I opted for the four hour version, but there is an overnighter available too – head to www.blinklash.co.nz for details.


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