Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas countdown: Shiseido goes bronze

This is another gift idea for yourself, but dammit, you deserve it! It's two products that will help give you the perfect summer face, which can also be easily added to for night if you're heading from the beach to the bar. Both are by make up experts Shiseido, and created by their ridiculously clever artistic director, Dick Page (pictured). The first is Shiseido's oil-free bronzing powder, which creates a beautifully sunkissed look without feeling at all heavy on the skin. The perfect answer for the high humidity summer predicted for Down Under this summer, it is also super translucent in nature so can be layered until you reach the perfect match for your skin tone (and it comes in three shades) without looking cakey. Oh and the pigment is longwearing, so it stays looking fresh all day long - and possibly even into the evening! The ideal accompaniment for this wonderful little number is a slick or two of Shiseido's new lip formulation, Shimmering Rouge. Sheer and flattering but with enough pigment not to look like you're trying to emulate a teenager, it's longwearing once again as well as ultra moisturising, and gives the kind of "plumped" effect that we all love. My picks for summer are the shades "Ingenue" - a delicate golden beige - and "Grace", a deep golden brown that takes things just that little bit further into the realm of drama. Beautiful stuff!


  1. do you happen to have the ingredients for the bronzer? i've looked online and can't seem to find much info about the bronzer at all!

  2. I don't as I've thrown the packaging away - sorry! Have you called your nearest Shiseido counter? Their staff are usually super helpful : )