Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas countdown: Argania hair oil

Okay, so this is in fact a Christmas gift for your hair… but what’s wrong with that? I can guarantee that your crowning glory will love you for it, and will be a very good girl all of next year! Made in New Zealand, newly released Argania hair oil is created using the now familiar – thanks to the worldwide popularity of Moroccanoil - fruit of the Moroccan Argan tree. This antioxidant rich oil is harvested using traditional methods and formulated in New Zealand to create a beautiful hair treatment that creates brilliant shine whilst smoothing and nourishing even the most tortured of hair. Argania hair oil can be used either as a leave in treatment or as a styler. To use as a treatment, simply massage a small amount into your palms and work through damp hair, starting at the tips and working towards the roots. For best results do this before blow-drying. Alternatively, applying Argania to dry hair will instantly create smoother, shinier hair. But beware: because of the concentration a small amount will go a long way, so start light and build up the product if need be. I have oily roots – especially when the humidity is peaking as per today – so only use this baby on my mid-lengths and ends, who happily drink it up. Argania hair oil is available now from selected pharmacies and Farmers stores nationwide.

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