Christmas countdown: Kevin Murphy’s ‘The Showgirl Must Go On’

I adore Kevin Murphy products, and the man himself is pretty fabulous, too. I interviewed him when his haircare range was just released, and found him to be super passionate about hair, the planet and making women beautiful. He isn’t called one of Australasia’s best session stylists for nothing, and his products are all carefully honed on the job and are just as effective at home or on set. One of his cutest packs on offer right now is the fabulously named “The Showgirl Must Go On” gift set, which is made up of three of his much loved products:
Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Wash
Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Rinse
Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair
… all in one sexy package. The shampoo and conditioner are ideal for normal to dry hair - or hair that lives in a very dry climate - and are super rich and luxurious in texture. Lastly, Fresh Hair is Murphy’s answer to a dry shampoo, and feels and smells so much less toxic than the majority on the market. All of Murphy's products are sulfate and paraben free, and are made up of super lush, natural or organic ingredients - but never compromise on performance. This is the perfect purchase for the showgirl in your life – or at very least the woman whose life is a non-stop party!


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