Christmas countdown: SANS Luxury Skin Kit

It’s day two of my Christmas countdown and today I bring you a wee giftie that’s already on my wishlist for Santa: a SANS Luxury Skin Kit. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a passionate supporter of this brand and adore everything that they do, and this is a gorgeous introduction to it for someone who hasn’t tried it and a bound-to-be-loved present idea for someone who has. It comprises a full size pH Perfect Body Wash (brand new to SANS and one I’m gagging to try), full size Baobab Regenerative Body Cream and a Lemon Verbena Candle, all sitting pretty in a Deadly Ponies for SANS Sponge Bag. This fabulous kit will set you back just $119.00, and is available from The Marr Lab and Lucy & the Powder Room at The Department Store. My only wish is that it be accompanied by a large bottle of their Activator 7 Body Oil – my favourite body treatment product EVER! Get in and grab one now x


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