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I’m all for the ‘skinification’ of haircare, a trend which has been blowing up over the last couple of years. From Ceremonia to Chloe Zara and Bread, more and more ingredients-focused haircare brands are rising to the top, supplying us with masks, tools and rituals to keep our locks looking lush – and our scalps feeling fine.
Now MECCA is bringing a new level of luxury to the rapidly expanding haircare category, with the introduction of Crown Affair. The delicious Crown Affair combines luxury, sustainability, and ingredient-conscious formulations to create a space where aspirations and reality go hand in hand. It’s all about building a routine to love and enjoy, that you’re proud to display and feels far from a chore. Crown Affair Founder and CEO Dianna Cohen (below) says “For me, haircare is a daily practice, a part of being well and caring for myself”, which is a practice I can definitely get behind!

Before Crown Affair, Dianna Cohen’s career spanned various spaces and startups in the consumer sphere, from internships at prestigious labels including Valentino and Thakoon, to working at Into The Gloss and then eventually spearheading partnerships at Away. In 2017 Dianna ventured into entrepreneurship and started her agency, Levitate. It was during this time that in response to requests for her hair secrets, a viral Google doc including her ultimate holy grail products made Dianna discover her true calling.
She says that “after years of conversations, I realised haircare was much more frustrating than relaxing for so many people in my life. So, I decided to create a new kind of haircare brand – one with clean ingredients, effective formulations, and beautiful handmade tools you’ll look forward to using every day”.

To Dianna, Crown Affair follows the ‘no-makeup makeup approach to hair’, simply enhancing what you have for your best, healthiest hair ever. All of the formulations and designs are brought to life using the best quality ingredients and the most experienced makers and scientists from across the globe, and work to restore the hair’s natural balance so it can look and feel its best all the time.
I personally love that every single one of their products has been approved by the Violet Code, and thus far I’ve fallen hard for the Leave-In Conditioner, which is great for daily hydration, and refreshing dry or damaged hair types. Super light and layer-able, it quickly soaks in, smooths strands, and leaves them refined and textured without any heaviness or stickiness— making it a great option for fine hair types that may feel weighed down by a traditional leave-in formula. I’m also getting the hang of the brush-applied dry shampoo, and as for their combs and brushes? They are just too chic not to leave next to the bathroom sink.
They also offer an Oil, Ritual Shampoo and Conditioner, Calming Scalp Serum, Renewal Mask and Finishing Gel, as well as a towel and scrunchie, and are on counter now at MECCA.


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