Interview: Talking beauty with the inimitable Delta Goodrem

Earlier this year I had quite the bucket list moment when I was invited by the iconic Revlon brand to spend a few glorious days in Australia's Northern Territory at Ayers Rock Resort, which is utterly breath-taking. And as for one-on-one time with the team, incredible experiences and hangs with likeminded beauty folks? Priceless.
The trip also included a very special evening with music phenom – and Revlon Ambassador – Delta Goodrem, who played a super intimate show beneath the stars. Once again, a moment never to be forgotten – and yes, her makeup stayed flawless throughout, thanks to the power of Revlon and the artistry of trip member Mia Hawkswell!
A while later I was lucky enough to grill the always-on-the-go Delta about her beauty tips, tricks and product recommendations, as well as what makes her feel truly beautiful…

Keeping up with beauty trends can be a full-time job! Are you someone that likes to dip into the latest TikTok makeup must-do’s, or are you more of a traditional makeup enthusiast that sticks to a tried and tested look?
Makeup is a way of sharing who you are and showing all the different expressions of ourselves. It’s a way to express creativity. To experiment with different looks. I’m grateful to have worked with some talented makeup artists over the years who have given me fresh ideas whether it be techniques or trying different colour palettes. It’s fun to check out social media for makeup tutorials, creative looks and inspiration. On a day-to-day basis if I’m not working, I do go for more of a natural makeup look. Keeping it simple. I like my skin to breathe. Something that feels glowy, dewy and fresh. Doing my eye brows and curling my eyelashes.

Where do you like to look to for makeup inspiration?
Growing up, my Mum was meticulous with her beauty regimes. She took great care in the details. She didn’t go to bed with her makeup on and she passed that advice on to me. She always encouraged my individuality and taught me to have my own style from a young age. I also like to find inspiration from people I meet, makeup artists and social media has a treasure trove of creativity. Everyday life can spark inspiration for a new makeup look. It’s all about staying open to fresh ideas.

You have a super busy life; do you have a ‘go-to’ makeup routine that you fall back on when things are rushed?
On a day-to-day basis, I like a natural look and to keep it simple. I like my skin to breathe. Minimal makeup but I’ll do a light foundation – I’m loving Revlon’s Illuminance Skin Caring Foundation, highlighter, my eyebrows, curl my eyelashes and put on some ColorStay Xtensionnaire Mascara (it lasts all day). A lip and a quick spritz of perfume and I’m out the door.

What is the one makeup or skincare product that you wouldn’t be without, and why?
I’m actually pretty simple when it comes to my skincare routine. My skincare routine has been consistent throughout the years. When I jump out of the shower, when my skin is clean and warm, I like to moisturise and feel hydrated as my prep before makeup. I’ve been enjoying Revlon’s Illuminance Skin Caring Foundation, which feels like makeup and skin care all in one. I like a natural look and keeping it simple on a day to day. I like my skin to breathe. The one thing I can’t go without is doing my eye brows and curling my eyelashes.

I know you like the ColorStay line for on stage due to its long-lasting powers, what is a favourite from the line that you’re never without?
I discovered Revlon’s ColorStay long wear range many years ago when I was looking for makeup that I didn’t have to worry about constantly touching up. Whether I’m on stage or have a long day out and about, I don’t want to have to worry about my makeup coming off or having to redo it throughout the day. I can get ready in the morning and feel confident throughout the day that I continue to feel fresh. The ColorStay Pressed Powder is great and the ColorStay Matte Lite Crayon in the shade Take Flight is one of my favourites.

What is a top makeup hack or trick you’ve learnt from having your face made up by professionals for so many years?

After years of working with incredibly talented makeup artists, I have picked up a few tips. I like to moisturise and feel hydrated before I begin doing my makeup. I’m always learning new things with makeup – whether it be trying new products, such as Revlon’s Illuminance Skin Caring Foundation that is good for your skin or trying different techniques such as achieving a dewy or glowy look. Or highlighting. Use a bit of foundation powder on your lips before applying a liner and lipstick – helps it stay. I also find that having a great brow shape can completely transform your look. Curling my lashes and mascara – to define the eyes. I always wash off my makeup before I go to bed. My Mum shared that with me when I was growing up and it has always stuck with me.

What makes you feel truly beautiful?
I believe with all my heart that beauty starts from the inside. With a beautiful heart, you are perfectly beautiful inside and out.


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