Fragrance news: Jo Loves arrives in New Zealand at long last!

When I posted a photo and video of a delivery containing the sublime ‘Pomelo’ fragrance by boutique fragrance brand Jo Loves on my Instagram yesterday, the avalanche of DMs hitting my inbox was deafening. It appears that I’m not alone in dreaming about this scent house finally arriving in New Zealand, and I was more than happy to help spread the word!
Long renowned as the ‘English scent maverick’, Jo Malone CBE gained global cult status with the launch of her eponymous brand, Jo Malone London In 1999. She later sold the business to Estée Lauder Companies, remaining Creative Director until she left in 2006, but her passion for creating fragrance never subsided. Fast forward to 2011, and she was ready to once again take the world by storm with her new brand, Jo Loves, an innovative scent, bath, body and candle collection inspired by memories and moments in life that she treasures.

An experience for all your senses, each fragrance is infused with reminiscent notes, then sealed with a symbol of integrity - the iconic red dot you’ll find on every bottle. From perfumes and body lotions to candles and diffusers, it’s the perfect world in which to discover your new signature scent, and now that it’s arrived exclusively in Farmers, you can do exactly that.
Local fragrance lovers can now explore and purchase the Jo Loves offering in store and online at, while a unique pop-up ‘Fragrance Tapas’ experience at Sylvia Park is also being offered. This innovative concept allows customers to explore and sample a variety of fragrances, and give them the opportunity to create their own fragrance journey by choosing from a menu of scents and experiencing them in combination, thereby discovering the perfect blend that resonates with their individuality. Bath Cologne is warmed within a tagine and released as a cloud of scented steam, followed by a cleanser shaken over ice and strained into a glass… the mind boggles! There’s no excuse not to have a fabulous time discovering your own scent journey through a bespoke Fragrance Tapas experience, and it’s the perfect time to do a little Christmas gift shopping – and that includes gifts to self. You just might discover a scent that resonates with your individuality, elevates your spirit, and adds an extra layer of elegance to your daily life, and have a lot of fun besides.
The brand’s expansion into New Zealand is a testament to its dedication to bringing extraordinary fragrance experiences to people globally, with founder Jo Malone saying: “We are thrilled to introduce Jo Loves to New Zealand. My vision is to change the world through the power of fragrance.”

For more information on Jo Loves, visit here.


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