All about: ghd’s seriously exciting new Duet Style

Ready for the news I’ve been sitting on for over a month now? Rewind to just before Christmas, when I was invited to the offices of ghd’s PR company to preview a secret new release. It has taken everything in my power not to spill earlier – hello, NDA! – but finally I can talk about what will be a game-changer for home hair styling. Yep, ghd did it again.
The global brand has long been an industry leader when it comes to hair styling innovation, but its latest launch is definitely one of the most exciting in a long time. On Wednesday they finally revealed the Duet Style: ghd’s first wet-to-straight styling tool that takes you from towel-dried to poker-straight in just a few easy steps. For some hair types, even one!
Essentially, ghd Duet Style a 2-in-1 styler that dries your hair while it straightens it. The Duet Style looks much like the brand’s Max Styler - like a normal straightener, with bigger plates – but comes with the added benefit of a drying function, making for one hell of a sweet deal. It uses the brand’s new AIRFUSION technology to act as a hair dryer and a heated styler in one, so essentially, the Duet can replace both, combining convection and conduction to dry, style and set hair and shave minutes off those already-arduous early mornings.

The internal airflow is surrounded by four ceramic plates, which conduct a lower temperature than your classic straighteners to eliminate the risk of damage – in fact, the brand claims the tool is damage-free, thanks to the maximum 120 degree heat. And if, like me you remember the old 'wet-to-straight' tools that were around in the early Noughties styling market, know that this beauty is absolutely nothing like that. With the airflow doing most of the work, super high heat isn’t required – resulting in happier, healthier locks all round.
A brushless motor means it’s both light and very quiet, while the ‘shine shot’ button is another considered feature. Activating this function once hair is dry stops the airflow segment of the styler and increases the heat of the ceramic plates to 185 degrees - the same as a traditional pair of ghd’s– perfect for those finishing touches. It can also be used on second day dry hair to calm frizz and inject shine. Love that!
Developed in conjunction with ghd Duet Style is a new product from the brand called sleek talker, a wet to sleek styling oil with heat protection that helps smooth, soften and replenish hair, maximising heat styling performance for long-lasting professional results.

“We are dedicated to developing pioneering technologies and creating the best- in-class products that tackle consumer and professional stylist needs,” says Jeroen Temmerman, ghd CEO of the new release. “The ghd duet style is a revolution in tech beauty, there is no other product globally that dries and styles at the same time, combining hot air and styling plates; the ghd R&D team have achieved the impossible. With ghd duet style we are transforming the way women style their hair and delivering even more good hair days around the world.”
Hallelujah to that! Full disclosure: I haven’t tried this beauty on my own hair, but was super impressed by what ghd New Zealand ambassador, Michael Mendel demonstrated pre-Christmas, and I did get to give the tool a brief whirl on someone else. I was so impressed, and can’t wait to play with it more!


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