All about: Dermalogica’s new Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum

A powerhouse ingredient derived from vitamin A, retinol works to enhance the skin’s radiance and visibly improve the look of fine lines, wrinkles, acne and oiliness. With the ability to help skin cells create new, healthier cells, the little wonder will improve overall skin structure, tone and texture, but if used incorrectly, can have pretty messy results.
This is where sticking to the rules and sourcing retinol formulas created by brands with superlative scientific backgrounds is essential, and Dermalogica were one of the first outside of a derm’s office to offer a significant retinol formula that you could trust. Which brings me to their latest retinol offering: Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum.
Consumers seeking quick, visible results often turn to retinol – the gold standard for addressing signs of skin ageing. But as aforementioned, not all retinol serums are created equal. That’s why the experts at Dermalogica have formulated a high- dose, fast-acting 3.5 percent retinoid complex with an advanced retinoid blend and booster technology to help transform the appearance of skin without compromising skin health. Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum easily reduces the four signs of skin ageing in as little as two weeks, and with skin health always top of mind.

“At Dermalogica, we don’t take shortcuts,” says Caroline Parker, Dermalogica New Zealand’s Head of Education. “We believe that easy solutions for ageing skin don’t have to come at the cost of skin health. Retinol the Dermalogica way takes a skin health-first approach to transforming the look of skin, for real results made easy with no compromise to the barrier. This optimised formula balances the real visible results consumers expect, especially from Retinol, with skin-strengthening ingredients to maintain optimal skin health.”
The innovative new multi-retinoid serum works to address four signs of skin ageing – helping to reverse the appearance of wrinkles, re-texturise skin and minimise the appearance of pores, and even skin tone. It uses a unique complex of Granactive Retinoid , Retinol, time-released encapsulated Retinol, and a Retinol Booster to do its thing, supporting a continual release of skin-smoothing actives that help the serum work fast. In addition, concentrated squalane and soothing, oat-derived Beta-Glucan are in the mix, working together to help support skin’s recovery and improve resilience.
Application of the super-charged formula is much like your usual retinol serum – i.e. a thin layer applied only at night, and always followed by religious use of an SPF the morning after.
Like with any powerful retinol, I also recommend that you build up your usage, especially if you’re a retinol newbie or simply want to avoid any irritation. Try every third night following by every second night, building up to nightly once you’re sure your skin is feeling its happy best. And always follow with a rich, soothing moisturiser for optimal results.
Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum - $185 for 30mL – is available now at authorised Dermalogica Skin Centres, Department Stores, Life Pharmacies and online at It comes highly recommended.


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