All about: DECIEM and the SLOWVEMBER pledge

It’s safe to say that the DECIEM brand doesn’t follow the pack in any way, shape or form, and that includes eschewing the madness that is Black Friday. Instead - for the fourth consecutive year - the beauty innovator has proudly launched its November campaign, a month-long discount that encourages its audience to slowly and intentionally purchase throughout the discount frenzy known as Black Friday. Powered by the brand's sustainability initiatives, Slowvember is back and here to help consumers navigate the skincare regimens amongst the murky waters of Black Friday.
Sales and discounts associated with Black Friday have often been questioned for their integrity. On a day that promises to offer the best savings of the year, consumers are often left wondering whether they’re being offered a bargain, or being led astray by complicated price amendments. Whilst clarity seems to be lost in the hysteria of discounts, DECIEM is launching its Clear Beauty mission, to discourage impulse and instead make space for discovery and education. “Let’s Be Clear. It’s Clear naming, Clear value, Clear Science, Clear ingredients, Clear percentages, Clear Conscience” is the message, and there is no rush, pressure, or impulse-purchases necessary.
Since its birth, DECIEM has petitioned for a more transparent dialect with consumers through an education first approach to skincare. This education-first approach will lead the narrative of Slowvember, lifting the veil and busting the myths perpetuated by the murkiness of Big Beauty and Clean Beauty. DECIEM will continue to champion its integrity-filled approach to beauty and business, discuss the honesty of pricing, and science-based communication, whilst championing a more human way of living based on slow and thoughtful consumption.
Throughout Slowvember, DECIEM is applying a 23 percent discount across all of its products on The Ordinary and NIOD websites, and in its free-standing stores across the globe. By applying a saving for a month-long period, DECIEM hopes to allow people the flexibility to shop slowly and consciously for their specific concerns and needs. On November 25, DECIEM will transform its DTC point of sales into a transaction-free day as part of its long-term commitment and company stance against the practices of Black Friday. Instead, consumers will be able to tune into Slowvember TV. A full day schedule including lives with the teams that make the products, a tour of DECIEM’s at-home Lab, and expert advice on how to build an effective regimen.
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