Beauty review: MECCA MAX Life Proof Camo Colour Correctors

Redness, spots, under-eye circles and dullness? Consider them corrected.
Colour correction is one of those things that once you nail it, you’ll use your skills forever, and when it comes to the right products for the job? Even easier. Thankfully, MECCA MAX has launched their brand new Life Proof Camo Colour Correctors in eight colour theory cream shades that counteract, combat, conceal and correct for a brighter, more even complexion.

Created as an extension to the vegan and cruelty free Life Proof complexion franchise, the MECCA MAX colour correcting creams are the new beauty staple teaching us to blend smarter, not harder. The trick is to dot them on, sheer them slightly with a brush, sponge or fingers, and then blend just a thin layer of your favourite foundation or concealer on top for a flawless complexion - cake-proof, clog-proof and dull-proof. And as an added bonus, using less concealer means no tell-tale cake-y spots on days your skin requires a little extra support, or settling into fine lines.
The newbies come in eight powerfully pigmented colours – pinks, reds and oranges to brighten dark under-eye circles depending on your skin tone, green to cancel redness, yellow to combat dullness and purple to neutralise warmer tones.

Commenting on the new Life Proof Camo Colour Correctors, MECCA Head of Artistry, Jennifer Horsley said the team had designed these colour correctors to be easy to use and play nicely with foundation and concealer. “Traditionally, correctors have been tricky for customers to navigate. These correctors are super blendable and have just the perfect amount of pigment to correct without adding a lot of texture to the skin. They will help to diminish the appearance of redness, dark spots, under eye circles and hyperpigmentation,” said Horsley.
I’ve been having a good play since the brand sent me the full set to try and have been beyond impressed with their ease of use and performance under pressure. The fact that MECCA MAX Life Proof Camo Colour Correctors retail for just $25 is the icing on the cake – budget-friendly and efficacious? The dream.
MECCA MAX Life Proof Camo Colour Correctors are available now exclusively in MECCA stores and online at and – and come highly recommended.


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