Beauty review: I try the Hollywood Glow facial at KAIZ Medispa

If you’re anything like me, winter isn’t your skin’s best friend. Chilly temps and artificial heating absolutely wreak havoc on my already sensitive skin, and right about now I’m looking for a way to boost hydration and generally level up the glow factor as we head into spring.Using the correct home care products – religiously! - is an essential step towards keeping your skin at its healthiest, but in-clinic treatments are often the icing on the cake, taking your results to a whole new level and reaffirming that you’re on the right track. And I’m all for trying new treatments and seeing what works, because what your skin needs right now will differ depending on the day, week and season.

With all of the above in mind, I was pretty excited to visit KAIZ Medispa in Parnell a few weeks ago to experience their Hollywood Glow facial, which uses a modality loved by the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston and even Ms. Kim Kardashian. All three are definitely proof that age is nothing but a number, and are sporting glows to rival people twenty years or more their junior. If a 90 minute session at KAIZ could deliver even a drop of that radiance I knew I’d be hooked, and after indulging in just that? I most definitely was.
My therapist, Te Puawaikori was an absolute star, and hugely patient with my raft of skincare geek questions as the treatment rolled out. Key to the results of the Hollywood Glow facial is the use of a microcurrent machine - delivering a low-voltage current that imitates the body's natural flow. Microcurrent is for those striving to reverse and slow down ageing, increase collagen production, and tone facial muscles, and it has been clinically proven to decrease fine lines and wrinkles on the face by tightening the muscles and tissues from deep within. The advanced technology can do everything from stimulating the healing of damaged tissue and improving lymphatic drainage, to improving muscle tone and helping products to penetrate deeper into the skin. And the best part? It's completely painless. Some aspects of the treatment definitely feel a little strange at time as the current pulses through your skin, but also oddly relaxing and hey – at least you know it’s working!
When I left I couldn’t stop looking at my tightened jawline and plumped up skin, the instant gratification was real! And it continued for a long while after, making it a seriously great option if you have something important on the horizon that you want to look particularly fabulous for like perhaps a significant birthday or event. I loved the results from just one of these babies, but a course will up the ante even further and keep them rolling on in – it all depends on your time and budget, as well as what your end goal is.
A great alternative to more invasive procedures and one of the most efficacious treatments I’ve ever had, the Hollywood Glow facial at KAIZ Medispa comes highly recommended – I can’t wait to have another one!
For more about the treatment and how to book, head here.

Main image: Sunny Ng on Unsplash


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