Beauty review: Ellus & Krue Cellular Eye Repair

A few months ago I was contacted by Australian skincare brand, Ellus & Krue, which launched last year with a concise range of seven skincare essentials. A skinimalist’s dream, the brand was created in collaboration with cancer and anti-ageing scientist, Professor Derek Richard.
A combination of science, balanced with nature’s actives, at the brand’s heart is a hero serum, EPI-gN™ Serum. Its creation came about because the founders’ father had struggled with skin cancer, and found the topical creams from the hospital were literally killing his healthy skin cells as well as the damaged cancer cells. The family met with Professor Richard, the Director of Queensland’s Cancer & Ageing Research Laboratories, and being inspired by his work into DNA damage and repair, saw the opportunity for targeted skincare that was grounded in real science. Working with the highly-respected scientist, they formulated a serum to help promote skin healing for their father, which went on to do so much more. After using the serum, their dad’s skin healed rapidly, but there were other benefits based on the formulation. “We decided to have the rest of our family and friends try our new serum,” say the founders, “and no matter what anyone's skin type was, from oily to sensitive - everyone saw the same results. Skin that had a new radiance, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, a refined skin tone and skin that was more hydrated than it had been in a long time.”

The serum essentially works at rebooting skin, and the rest of the range supports that vibe. It's all vegan and cruelty free, with plant actives that bring about real change. The brand also donates 20 per cent of every purchase back into cancer and ageing research in Queensland.
Which brings me to the product in review today, the Ellus & Krue Cellular Eye Repair moisturising anti-aging eye cream with Retinol. My sensitive skin hasn’t loved retinol in the past, but I was buoyed by what I had read about this formula online and decided to give it a good whirl.
An intensely moisturising eye cream formulated to deeply hydrate and firm the top layer of skin around your eyes, while reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, it has retinol in the mix, but also much more. There is Niacinamide, the much-loved antioxidant that helps with boosting hydration, repairing and fortifying your skin barrier and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and Vitamin E-rich Avocado Oil. Rounding out the ingredient deck is what the brand calls MossCellTec. The result of innovative biotechnology, this ingredient mimics the resilient properties of moss. It enhances cellular function, strengthens the skin against irritants, improves hydration and defends the skin against ageing aggressors like UV.
The end result is a beautifully nourishing and caring but also high performance eye cream, which I have absolutely fallen for. It saved me from exacerbated fine lines over an at-times super stressful lockdown dealing with a nightmare contract, and meant that even when sleep wasn’t as peaceful as it could be, I could wake up looking like I’d had nine hours! I had zero irritation from the retinol component, and the tube makes it very easy to squeeze out exactly the right amount.It’s designed to be used daily in the evening, by gently applying three small dots of cream straight from the tube along the orbital bone and tapping into skin with your ring finger. I have fallen head over heels for this product and it’s highly that you will too! Over time I’ll be trialling some of their other products too, so keep an eye out.

Ellus & Krue Cellular Eye Repair is available right now from their website, and comes highly recommended.


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