Expert tips: Skintopia’s Laura Duggan on lockdown skin

Right now it seems but a dream, but the minute Level Two hits I’m all about a little maintenance – and supporting hard hit beauty-related businesses as soon (and safely) as I can.
One of these will most definitely be Commercial Bay beauty destination, Skintopia, to place my aggravated iso skin under the care and attention of award-winning Skin Therapist, Laura Duggan. Still relatively new to Skintopia, Laura’s official role is “Advanced Skin Specialist & Trainer”, and I couldn’t think of a better person for the job. Laura has touched skin all over the world, from her native Ireland to Australia, where she worked for Dermalogica in Sydney as a Brand Coach supporting retail locations such as David Jones with in-store eventing and coaching. She has been based in New Zealand for three years and is highly regarded for her expertise and knowledge, and I love the fact that she is invested in taking a holistic approach to beauty and has studied breath work at The Art of Living Foundation.

Laura Duggan

Needless to say, she is also a fountain of knowledge when it comes to keeping skin healthy under levels three and four, with some expert tips she is happy to share…
“Remember in times of stress our skin loses some of its ability to protect itself because its barrier becomes compromised,” she says. “Our skin barrier is there to protect us from external triggers such as harsh weather, pollution, water loss (dehydration), air conditioning, etc. Be gentle during the lockdown period, take this time to rebuild and strengthen your skin so it's supported during times of stress.” Letting your skin breathe during this time is key, as well as keeping it clean and fed with lots of hydration and vitamins. “And avoid hot water - keep to lukewarm on the face.”

Routine is also key, so every morning and evening, “spend time on your skincare routine even if it's just the dog who's going to see it!” Laura adds this is a perfect time to get some good habits established, and maybe “creating those morning smoothies from the comfort of your kitchen. At the moment I am drinking a combination of The Beauty Chef Glow, Omega Elixir and Deep Collagen mixed with a handful of spinach, 1 banana, almond butter (my favourite butter!), oat milk and lots of ice!” Multimasking and adding facial massage to your routine is also a great idea, and the skin specialist is currently using “the Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque on my cheeks and forehead, then the Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque on my T-zone (mid brow, nose, chin).”

You can also talk to a professional for a little guidance or inspo, with the Skintopia team always available and happy to help. “Got something going on, a problem or issue in the skin or just feeling like you need something else in your routine during lockdown? Pop onto the Skintopia website and have a chat with us.”
And Laura’s parting ‘DON’T’? “Never, ever use kitchen ingredients on your skin. There are lots of hacks on the internet but the PH (acidity) of the products is not tested on your skin's microbiome. I have seen lots of home hacks gone very wrong over the last year that have completely stripped and destroyed skin barrier health!”


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