Beauty news: Reese Witherspoon announced as global brand ambassador for Biossance

One of Hollywood’s most relatable, clever and enterprising celebrities, the inimitable Reese Witherspoon has officially joined the clean beauty movement, entering a five-year partnership with sustainable beauty brand Biossance.
Amyris, the leading synthetic biotechnology company behind Biossance today announced a the partnership with Witherspoon, who will be helping spread the word about one of the fastest-growing clean and sustainable skincare brands.
I am a big fan of the Biossance brand after first using it several years ago in the US, and love their constant innovation when it comes to new ingredients. They say: “we believe the nerdy side of science and the charming side of beauty can co-exist, and you should never have to choose between having the most efficacious products and consciously created, sustainable formulas” - with whicb I wholeheartedly agree!

Reese, in conjunction with the Biossance team and its industry-leading scientists, will create content that’s engaging and educational, empowering today’s beauty community to become savvier, more health-conscious consumers. She will also develop curated and limited-edition items featuring her favourite products from Biossance.
“I have always been conscious of what’s being put on my skin, but after all the time I’ve spent on-sets throughout my career, I’ve learned so much,” she explains. “As my knowledge has grown so has my desire to use clean and consciously created products. I not only fell in love with Biossance’s products, especially their Rose Oil, but also their innovative, female-led team and their mission towards a sustainable future. My skin has never felt healthier and I’m proud to work with such a strong industry leader in sustainability and care for our planet.”

“Reese is a champion of empowerment and education. Her relatability, genuine desire to learn and passion for her beliefs engages everyone she reaches,” said Biossance President Catherine Gore. “We are honoured to partner with her in advancing our mission toward a more sustainable future for our planet through clean beauty. We continue to experience industry leading growth and expect our partnership with Reese to expand our global consumer awareness while continuing to improve the effectiveness of our mission forward, science led clean beauty strategy.”
I for one can’t wait to see what Reese and the clean beauty wonders come up with – so watch this space!


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