Beauty review: Limited Edition M.A.C mini Fix+ Vibes

“Reset your state of mind,” is the message that accompanies the new limited edition release from M.A.C – a call to action I can definitely get behind!
Because we all want a bit of the familiar served with our optimism, the new drop takes the form of a variation on the brand’s iconic Fix+ Fixing Spray, which is still my absolute favourite for setting and refreshing makeup at any time of day. Whenever M.A.C launches a limited scented version of their iconic Fix+ it's an instant success, and this time there isn't just one new scented edition – there's SEVEN, which is the gift we all need right now!
Called Fix+ Vibes and coming in a handbag and travel friendly 30ml mini size, these new babies hydrate, soothe and refresh the skin, fix makeup AND boost your mood. The seven vibes are reportedly inspired by different energies – each packed with a skin-boosting blend of vitamins, minerals, chamomile, cucumber and green tea – and can be mixed to create your own.
As well as the M.A.C Fix + Vibes Collection offering seven different scents, the bottles each come with different brightly coloured effects. Super cute and definitely collectable, I can confidently say that one is most definitely not enough!
Each of the different scents are designed to have a different effect on one's mood, and the offering is as follows:
Fix + Passion – this beauty comes with a fruity strawberry and peach aroma designed so “makeup queens start the day with new strength and passion”.
Fix + Vitality – this one scores with its super fresh aroma of fruity apricot and tangy mandarin, which has a vitalising effect.
Fix + Play – this one comes with a radiant aroma of lemon and orange that is designed to deliver a dose of euphoria and happiness.
Fix + Balance – this one scores with its balancing aroma, which combines earthy peppermint with fresh bergamot and helps users to keep their composure even in stressful situations.
Fix + Calm – this one comes with a relaxing aroma of blueberry and jasmine, which helps you calm the hell down and relax.
Fix + Awaken - with an invigorating mix of tea leaves and lavender, this one delivers a gentle wakeup call.
Fix + Compassion – my favourite, this one comes with a fantastic rose scent and makes one feel that even with everything going on, it’s going to be all right!

As a limited edition collection, these won't be around for very long so make sure you snap them up whilst you can – and with an RRP of $28, they won’t break the bank x


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