Beauty review: RAWKANVAS introduces the all-new REFINED

Landing in stores and online today is the latest from award-winning natural skincare brand RAWKANVAS, which takes the form of a warming, detoxifying mask designed to deliver some major results. One of its key ingredients? New Zealand Pinot Noir grapes – and combos don’t come much better IMHO than great skincare and red wine!
But enough about my obsessions, what’s REFINED actually like? Well it’s a power-packed, high performance little formula, and created using a raft of incredible locally-sourced ingredients. For a quick rundown on some of the more unique ones…

Sauvignon Blanc Grape Seeds and Skin Extract:
Harvested in the Marlborough region, Sauvignon Blanc grapes help protect skin cells
against oxidative stress. They also work wonders preventing environmental damage and addressing redness.

Pinot Noir Red Grape Extract:
Harvested in the cooler southerly regions of New Zealand, this antioxidant-packed extract helps to inhibit inflammatory activity in skin cells as well as reduce redness in skin that comes from an inflammatory response.

Halloysite clay:
Sourced from New Zealand's pristine Matauri Bay (and re-vegetated after removal), this amazing ingredient is formed through the subtropical weathering of ancient volcanic domes produced approximately two to nine million years ago. With a fine particle structure, it assists to absorb toxins and impurities from the surface of your skin, clearing pores of excess oil that may lead to the formation of blackheads.

One of the most important plants in traditional herbal Māori medicine, this little green wonder assists to reduce inflammation and irritation and contains antibacterial properties which work to assist with acne and scarring.

All of these come together (with many other buzzy ingredients) to ensure that REFINED isn't just any old pink clay mask. Its creators call it “your go-to microdermabrasion mask treatment at home”, and I have to say it delivers serious results when it comes to clearing skin. The warming ingredients assist with deep skin detoxification and natural buffing, so everything you apply afterwards will be that much more efficacious.
With all of this in mind, using it requires a little extra concentration and assessing your skin’s own little situation on the day. If it’s feeling robust, after cleansing apply an even, thin layer to semi-moist skin. Focus on congested areas (nose and chin), spots and blemishes, or apply a thin layer to entire face. Leave on for five minutes, or until completely dry before washing off.
It is normal to experience a warming, cooling, or tingling sensation as increased circulation is required in order to deliver transformative results, but if it feels a bit too much you have the option of using it semi-diluted with water on more sensitive skin. You can also applying this heady brew to congested areas only, such as the nose and chin.
I use this diluted due to my sensitive, rosacea-prone skin, and have still had some brilliant results afterwards. I use it in the evening and always apply a lush oil afterwards (like RAWKANVAS’s incredible Yester Youth), and wake up with seriously plumped skin.
At $68.00 REFINED isn’t cheap, but it is super effective and – like all RAWKANVAS goodies – looks just gorgeous on a bathroom shelf!
It is available right now online at and at 18 Farmers Stores across New Zealand.


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