2020: ending the year with a glass half full

The last of the winter months and imminent arrival of spring doesn’t just mean a change in your wardrobe. Yes the pandemic may have thrown us all for six (some more than others), but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to put a plan in place for a healthy, happy rest of the year from here on in. Get out of the house and into nature, grab some fresh produce from the farmer's market at the correct social distance, take things slow when the weekend hits, and maybe add a few of the following to your wellbeing arsenal for a great rest of 2020.


Switch up your fitness routine and challenge yourself with something new. Take in the beauty of the changing season whilst boosting your mood and creativity along the way, and add in a new challenge like boxing to satisfy your yang side and yoga to coddle your yin. My pick for a great boxing gym is Newmarket’s Studio Box, whilst my yoga go-to’s will always be Brown Street’s snuggly Urban Ashram with the gorgeous Nikki Ralston (above), which has regular restorative/yin yoga classes and events in what must be the city’s most welcoming practice space.


Chances are over the winter your skin has taken a bit of a hammering from the cold, wind, stress and more, so gently bring it back to life with products designed to heal and soothe. You can also prep it well for the aforementioned by harnessing the power of a gentle overnight peel like Pure Fiji’s new Overnight Renewal Peel, which contains mandelic acid and niacinamide – both proven ingredients to minimise fine lines, pigmentation and scarring.
It’s also the perfect time to embrace ‘skip-care’, a considered and consolidated skincare routine that has become popular of late as a reaction to the idea of an overly complicated multi-step routine. Opt for powerful, multitasking products that go to work on more than one thing, and take some time to assess how your skin feels on the day. Skip-care also has the added benefit of making beauty more sustainable, simply by reducing the packaging required.


This time of year soups and slow cooks are still the go-to, but beautiful vegetables and fruits are starting to make their appearance in supermarkets and farmer’s markets across the nation. Remember to “eat the rainbow” whenever you can via a super charged salad, and stay well hydrated as the temperatures rise. My solution for summer is filling a reusable bottle with water and a helping of Dose & Co’s Beauty Blends. The super powered formula has 10 grams of Type 1 marine collagen per serving, as well as 1000mcg of Biotin (vitamin B7) per serving to enhance energy and mood. Formulated using ingredients clinically proven to not only support your skin, nail, hair and gut health, but to help you glow from the inside out, I’m loving the citrus flavour Beauty Blend mixed into water, juice and smoothies. There are also a number of apps (like Daily Water) that will help you monitor your water intake, if you need a bit of a helping hand.


If you’re committed to goal setting and letting go of stress in the remaining months of 2020, it doesn’t come much better than a regular meditation practice. Be it training in Transcendental Meditation (a favourite of creative types like David Lynch and Lady Gaga), using an app or just practising mindfulness wherever you are, there are thousands of studies that have shown meditation can positively impact mental and physical health. Whether it’s by reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing focus, or enhancing relationships, research shows that meditation – when practiced regularly – works. Meditation is a great way to truly spend time with yourself and build a wonderful, healthy, successful relationship with you, and that's definitely what I could do more of right now!

Main photo by by Meiying Ng on Unsplash


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