Why you need: Clemency Alice's award winning Rosa Camelia Face Oil

The woman who introduced me to the incredible Therapie Roques O'Neil brand over four years ago, facialist and skincare creator Clemency Alice is a force to be reckoned with.
Based in Christchurch, Clemency's passion for the arts, fascination with biochemistry and her background in Aromascience were all the inspiration for what powers the talented skin specialist today. 
Famed for her bespoke facials and intuitive approach to skin, in 2015 she visited Paris to further her knowledge and gained much insight into both new techniques and old after numerous visits to exclusive perfume houses and luxury spas. Returning revitalised, she now works in her seaside-based atelier, utilising the highest quality botanical essences and organic extracts sourced from all around the world to create the beginnings of the Clemency Alice luxury skincare line.
Like me, Clemency is a huge fan of twice-daily skin soaking, and has a passion for products that are "artisan blended and created in small batches to ensure freshness and quality".  The first product to roll out of her beautiful space was Rosa Camelia Face Oil, which just a few short months after its release received the Editor's Choice - Beauty Shortlist Awards, an international recognition that the product is well deserving of, and more. Judged by a team of beauty experts from London, New York and Sydney, it is testament to Clemency’s passion and attention to detail and yes, it’s also just fabulous to use. 
So what’s in it, and why is it so great? Well for starters, the delicate, hydrating, organic face oil blends the floral harvest of exotic Morrocan, Bulgarian and Egyptian rose with what she calls “an exhale” of opalescent jasmine. Add to that oil from the fruit seeds of the camellia japonica - a beauty secret of the Geishas – and you have one heady, Paraben-free, Silicone-free, Sulfate-Free, and Phthalate-free mix.
Light enough to use even in the summer and suitable for all skin types - including sensitive skins -the stellar aromatic face oil serum is the perfect blend of ten luxurious oils that helps restors the skin’s lipid barrier and provides a youthful, restorative glow. To get the full aromatherapeutic benefits be sure to warm a small amount of the oil in the hands and slowly inhale before application – you won’t be disappointed!
To use, apply a small amount AM and PM to a cleansed, pre-soaked (or misted) skin, then gently massage using upward, sweeping movements. The oil is so gentle that it can also be applied around the orbit of the eyes, which makes it perfect for travel and those that love a no-fuss beauty routine.
You can also press 1-2 drops over makeup to provide a dewy radiance, or even add a little to liquid foundation for increased hydration. For the full aromatherapeutic experience, Rosa Camelia can also be applied on the temples and pulse points to bring a sense of wellbeing and calm.
Convinced? I was from the first drop. This beauty comes highly recommended, and I can’t wait to see what Clemency creates next.


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