NYFW Hair how to: Wella Professionals for Zimmermann S19

Zimmerman Creative Director Nicky Zimmermann’s ideas for the label’s beautiful spring collection started with an Australian soap opera from the Seventies called Number 96. Her parents wouldn’t let her watch it at the time so naturally, she was obsessed. 
“It was naughty and irreverent and hilarious,” she says, “and it was even more appealing to me because as a really young kid I definitely wasn’t allowed to watch it! It was set in an apartment block of four in Paddington in the inner city of Sydney and explored storylines that were considered taboo at the time – sex, adultery, drugs and homosexuality. For a girl in the suburbs, it was all too brilliant.”
So for Spring 19, she re-imagined what the cool, confident, sexy tenants of Ninety-Six would wear now, infusing the collection with loads of paisley, minis, billowing dresses with lantern sleeves and crisp safari suits. The line up that took to the runway at New York Fashion Week was less scandalous than flirty, fresh and unashamedly pretty, and leading editorial stylist, Renya Xydis, Creative Director for Wella Professionals ANZ, brought to life Zimmerman’s subdued glamour of soap-scene suburbia through a hair look that complemented the outfits perfectly.
“I layered Wella Professionals EIMI product to create the Zimmermann S19 look, which gave us that heightened glamour that the show gave, yet still retained a soft and sweet ‘girl next door’ look,” said Xydis.
So, how to re-create the look at home? Try the following…
1. For big, sexy - but still natural - texture, apply EIMI Perfect Setting throughout the whole head, to give the hair grit.
2. Next, apply EIMI Ocean Spritz around the crown. This gives the hair ‘tease’ factor and creates a great base to build volume.
3. Dry the hair and create volume by rough-drying. 
4. Once fully dry, apply EIMI Dry Me liberally under small sections, to give the hair a dusty, sexy texture.
5. Using a large barrel tong, create irregular loose curls, around (and away from) the face, using the fingers to tease height into the front and sides.
6. Use spread-out fingers to loosely pull the hair back on one side, and pin or hook over the ear.
7. Fasten and decorate with a clasp, retaining a soft natural look as the hair drops around the accessory.
 8. Finish the look with new EIMI Mistify Me, for firm hold with natural movement


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