Love it: M.A.C Rollerwheel Liquid Liner

Your average, run of the mill eyeliner typically comes in one of five forms: pencil, felt-tip, brush-tip, potted, and pen. It’s a category that hasn’t been revitalised in a while but why bother? If you can nail a liner you can nail it, and if you can’t? Get better at mascara.
Then those clever folks at M.A.C Cosmetics come along with what I believe is the world’s first the rollerwheel liquid liner, created with those that find the liner thing tough in mind. The brand spanking new product – on counter in New Zealand right now – was originally introduced to the world by makeup artist Michael Patterson, who used it backstage at New York Fashion Week and put it on Insta. Since that day in February there’s been a whole lot of hype around the perfecting qualities of this innovative beauty product, which I have been lucky enough to be trialling over the past week.
There are three different shades to pick from: the matte ‘On A Roll Black’, royal blue ‘Roller Royale’ and warm brown ‘Rollerwheel Brown’, and they are quite the marvel. While the tip of the liner looks like a pizza cutter, it has none of the actual danger factor of one at acts like “training wheels” for liquid lining. The terribly clever, groundbreaking spinning disk applicator absorbs the perfect amount of product to provide a continuous, smooth, even stroke of colour. Every time. Skinny-lined and defined, a winged effect or a bold geometric look – let the rolling applicator do all the work for the perfect liquid line.
The wheel helps create the sharpest line possible with as little effort possible, and it’s completely unlike anything else on the market right now. With three shades for all your eye-lining needs and an ability to be mastered after just a couple of goes, this little marvel is a revelation. It creates the nice, super nice crisp lines that I love, and if you stay near the lash line and go steady you can create a truly beautiful look. Trust M.A.C to – literally – reinvent the wheel.
But be warned - this beauty is on counter now with an RRP of $42.00, but only for a limited time. 


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