Beauty news: M.A.C celebrates National Lipstick Day!

This Saturday, 29th July in New Zealand is National Lipstick Day – a day where we can all celebrate the magic and power that one little lipstick bullet holds. It’s a celebration that I can definitely get behind, owning more lipsticks than I would care to own up to, and proud of it!
The go-to for pin up girls, screen stars and Parisennes for decades, a delicious slick of red lipstick is the timeless weapon of choice for the femme fatale, and with good reason. Scientists at Manchester University have used eye-tracking software to prove that men are hopelessly drawn to a bright red mouth. When shown photographs of a women for 10 seconds each, men spent 7.3 seconds looking at red lips compared to only 0.95 seconds on the eyes. Pink lipstick held the gaze for just 6.7 seconds.
And perhaps it’s because that flash of Chanel Rouge Allure or M.A.C Russian Red is nothing less than a glimpse into a lady’s knickers. Naturalist Diane Ackerman, author of A Natural History of the Senses, espouses the leading anthropological theory on lipstick thus: “The lips remind us of the labia, because they flush red and swell when they’re aroused, which is the conscious or subconscious reason women have always made them look even redder with lipstick.” TMI!
A perfect red lipstick is something every woman needs in her arsenal, and once she’s experienced her power its purchase will be something she will never forget. Like the little black dress of beauty, it's absolutely timeless, and finding the right fit for you may well be your makeup holy grail.
Now the new dilemma is – which rouge to choose? Many makeup artists would say to typically go with shades based on complexion rather than hair or eye colour, as in cool skin with cool shades and warm shades matched to warm skin tones. The adventurous amongst us could benefit from trying the opposite approach however: for a more powerful pout, try working against your skin's natural undertone. If you have cool undertones, try a more orange-based red, and if you have golden undertones try a blue-based red – and remember, when it comes to les rouges you can never have too many!
Which brings me to the almighty M.A.C, who are celebrating National Lipstick Day in store with one hell of a promo that I reckon we will all be jumping on board for. Everyone who visits a M.A.C counter on Saturday 29th July and signs up to the brand’s database will receive a FREE iconic red lipstick, while supplies last. Yep that’s right, FREE!
So clear your diary now… and literally, where do I sign up?


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