All about: Weleda's new 24hr Roll-On Deodorants

I’m lucky that I’ve never been a particularly ‘sweaty’ person (even after a spin class I just have a little shine), so I’ve never had cause to use some of the more heavy-duty deodorants and anti-perspirants out there. They are known to contain all manner of nasties in the quest to stop sweat and smell, and have been linked to many disorders by the wellness community.
Sweating is our body’s natural and necessary thermoregulation process. Many mainstream of the aforementioned deodorants and ‘antiperspirants’ use chemicals such as aluminium salts to block sweat glands and pores, reduce or even stop the essential sweating process completely. Instead of blocking sweat, Weleda's collection of new 24hr Roll-On Deodorants naturally protect the wearer by inhibiting bacterial enzymes that decompose sweat and consequently prevents the formation of any unpleasant body odour. Body odour comes from the destruction of sweat by skin bacteria and depends on the substances in your sweat, the special flora of bacteria in the area, and by metabolites of food or medicines. It also differs by gender. By halting the work of these bacterial enzymes that decompose sweat but not the act of sweating itself, Weleda's new 24hr Roll-On Deodorants let your body do its thing, and smell good too!
Instead of aluminium salts, Weleda uses clever ingredients like Liquorice Root, for its antioxidant, calming and antimicrobial effects, combined with Witch Hazel, to calm, tone, and nourish skin. Together with essential oils, like Litsea Cubeba, for natural fresh fragrance, the new roll-on deodorants have been dermatologically proven to protect against body odour for an amazing 24-hours. Plus, Weleda’s Roll-On Deodorants can be used directly after all kinds of hair removal, something that deodorants with aluminium salts are not recommended for (ouch!).
100% certified natural by NATRUE, they come in a Citrus or Men’s version, and have a very reasonable RRP of $15.90 for a 50ml tube. The brand has also reformulated and repackaged their super popular 100ml deodorant sprays. Wild Rose, Citrus and Sage have been reformulated to improve protection from body odour from 4-6 hours to 12-24 hours, and come in smart new modern packaging. They remain the same great price, still in glass bottles, still with no aluminium salts and are also perfect as a room spray, to uplift your mood, or to disguise unwanted household smells.
Weleda products are available from, selected online retailers, health stores and pharmacies nationwide.  To locate your nearest stockist or for further information visit


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