All about: Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab Serum

I recently had to have the gel polish removed from my nails prior to surgery and damn, they were in a bit of a state. Despite daily – and nightly – cuticle oiling they weren’t very happy with me at all, and the cooler weather didn’t help. They looked shocking, to put it mildly!
So I chopped them all as short as still aesthetically pleasing and then started applying a clever new product that had come across my desk that works as a bedtime boost designed to treat nails and cuticles to hydration with nutrient-rich actives, all in one luxe formula. 
Overnight moisturising treatments work wonders for skin and hair, and now nails and cuticles can benefit from the rejuvenating results over a little night time love with Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab, the brand’s our first overnight nail serum that contains moisture and nutrient rich extracts for intense nail and cuticle restoration. 
This treatment gave me visible results after just one week of use and I was pretty much immediately sold. My nails were extremely dry and brittle, and then the dryness leads straight to peeling and breaking, and this has absolutely turned them around. According to Sally Hansen, the formula contains a blend of black orchid, açai and algae actives and humectants and  "helps hydrate and rejuvenate severely dry or weak nails". Sound like you? It certainly sounded like me, and it worked.
“Based on my expertise, Moisture Rehab is a great product for delivering moisturisation overnight to address issues of dryness and dehydration,” says Madeline Poole, Sally Hansen Global Color Ambassador. “This improves the overall manicure, enhancing smooth colour laydown, increasing nail flexibility to avoid chipping and making the finished product more beautiful,” Despite its super nourishing properties the brush-on, luxurious formula is a lightweight serum, and absorbs super fast whether you’re applying it to bare or coloured nails. It sinks straight in so no messy pillowcase etc, and goes to work pretty much immediately.
To use, apply the serum to bare fingers and toenails or over a dried manicure and gently massage. I apply a good amount to each nail, let it soak in for a minute, and then massage the rest into my nails. It really sinks in and provides immediate relief. Amazing!
Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab Overnight Nail Serum is available now at Farmers, The Warehouse and selected pharmacies. RRP: $18.99. 


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