All about: Lush's clever new Mouthwash Tabs

Listen to this: a mouthwash that fizzes like a mini bath bomb on the tip of your tongue for exquisite freshness and flavour. Say what? Well that’s how beauty brand Lush described their Mouthwash Tabs to me and yes, I most definitely wanted to know more!
Easily able to make you start to question everything you ever thought about mouthwash, these little beauties – much smaller than a bath bomb, naturally – are the perfect solution for on-the-go and in flight fresh breath, and I have fallen in love with the super intriguing formula.
Lush has introduced three mouthwash tabs to try with a variety of benefits, after only offering these marvels in their Oxford Street, London store for some time now. Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster contains a shot of lemon oil, quinine (the same mouth-watering taste that’s found in tonic water) and aniseed, whilst Crème de Menthe offers a double-shot of mint for an intoxicating blast of icy coolness. Inspired by the Japanese custom of gargling, third option Ugai deeply refreshes with antibacterial tea tree, refreshing sea salt to freshen the mouth and prevent dryness, and green tea for a super herbal-y flavour. I’m thus far favouring Ugai, but think Crème de Menthe will probably be the most popular of the three with punters.
They come packaged in recycled and recyclable plastic bottles which can be recycled with your own domestic collection, each containing roughly 80 solid, self-preserving mouthwash tabs at a cost of RRP NZ$12.90. They are the perfect size for stowing away in handbags, backpacks, carry-ons and clutches, and they are insanely easy to use. When you’re looking for a little refreshment just take a quick sip of water and pop one tab onto the middle of your tongue. Literally wait for it to fizz up - much like their famous bath bombs - and distribute its breath-freshening goodness all over your mouth. Once it's almost completely dissolved, start swishing and then spit it all out. Too easy! If you’re going to use on after your usual brushing routine, the brand recommends that you wait twenty minutes in between to the two to ensure they both to their thing to best of their capabilities.
Intrigued? Lush Mouthwash Tabs are in store now – try one, try ‘em all!


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